Fall Traditions Just In Time For Gardening

To be honest, I have had my fall decorations up for the past two weeks, pumpkins and all! With college football MIA, and the unconventional school year underway, I wanted to help get the family in the fall spirit a little early with a fun spin on our favorite fall family tradition, planting our fall garden.


Finding Joy In Hard Times

It’s no secret that this year has been hard for everyone. The one thing that I think keeps me afloat in all of this is knowing that EVERYONE this year is feeling the same way. There is solidarity in knowing that you aren’t the only one.


Prepping for Back To School In Style

Last night I waited patiently for the latest from the school board concerning Cami’s back to school update. It looks like they are pushing the school year back a few more weeks. As a way to get her mind off of all the things she can’t do now, I started encouraging her with what she CAN do to prepare for back to school while we wait.


Dear White Friends + Family

I get it. The burden of having to be pro-active, may seem daunting. You don’t have to be a policy maker but you do have a a responsibility to open your mouth and speak out. Here are a few ways I need my friends and family right now.