3 Plants You Won’t Kill + Plant Survival Tips

I have no idea when it happened. All of the sudden we woke up and my husband and I are plant people now. Here are a few gardening tips I have learned along the way as well as a list of plants you won’t kill if you are thinking about getting into house plants.


3 Ways to Prepare for Summer, Now

In order to make this summer more enjoyable (because let’s face it, we all had a less than enjoyable time being cooped up last summer) I am starting now in the spring to prepare for a fun summer for my family. Check out 3 ways your can start preparing for summer right now!


3 Easy Self-Care Tips for the New Year

Now that I can finally breathe again, I have taken some time the last few days to take inventory of things that might have gotten lost in the shuffle of 2020. First on the list was “self care”.


Play While You Party During The Big Game

Football season has been so unconventional this year! No big watch parties, no trips to the stadium, and mostly catching games when/if we can. I have to admit, it’s been an eerily quiet season but that won’t stop me from making the Big Game special this year!


Home Sweet Home For The Holidays

Like a lot of people, 2020 was a rough year for me personally. Although it is really easy to dwell on the horrible things, I have to say, the end of 2020 has been far better than the beginning! The Bertuzzi family entered the last quarter of the year by moving into our dream home and although moving and gearing up for the holidays can be SUPER hectic, we couldn’t be more grateful!