How To Take Care Of Yourself In Your 30’s

Being in your 30’s is kind of a weird stage of adulthood where you start realizing your body isn’t forever. Yikes! You start sneezing your back out, and waking up with aches, and suddenly realizing you grunt every time you get up from the couch. Here are the major ways I taking care of myself post 30 that I should have started a long time ago.


Backyard Fun All Summer Long

I had the best intentions of taking the kids to all the coolest most fun places around town this summer until I saw the inflation prices going up, and up, and up! It got me thinking about ways to create experiences with my family in my own backyard this summer.


Summer Savings + Summer Essentials Checklist

I wasn’t ready ya’ll! That whole last week of school for my kids was a blur and here we are in June! Here are a few tips on how to save money this summer + my summer essentials check list that every parent needs to know about this summer!