Easy Holiday Gift Idea For Under $20 + List of Top 10 Christmas Movies

Holiday season is here ya’ll! It’s been a long hot year, but we made it! I don’t know if you are like me, but when it comes to holiday shopping for others, I buy things in bits and pieces starting in November. As I see deals, I buy them and by the time December rolls around my gift buying is pretty much done! This gift idea is a direct result of grabbing cute things when I see them and putting it all together. For an easy holiday gift idea under $20, perfect for teachers, neighbors, and friends check out what I put in my Christmas popcorn buckets!

Easy Holiday Gift Idea For Under $20 + List of Top 10 Christmas Movies

When I found these Christmas popcorn buckets for 50% off I grabbed several with the intension of filling them with cozy movie watching goodies for friends, neighbors, and my kid’s teachers. My thoughts immediately went to giving the receiver an experience as a gift in the hopes that they would enjoy the contents of the buckets while snuggling up with loved ones and watching a classic holiday movie.

Holiday Gifts On a budget

The best part about making this “experience” gift is that it doesn’t break the bank. Along with my buckets I got for about $2.50/each I purchased the softest throw blankets in bulk for around $7 each. I purchased a few boxes of hot chocolate mix from the Dollar Tree and split the individual packs with about three to a bucket (depending on the family size I was intending it for). You can also find a 30 pack of hot chocolate mix for $7 here! The same was true for my popcorn purchase! Buy a 12 pack box of popcorn bags for $6 and split the bags amongst your buckets (I did 2 bags per bucket).

Christmas gifts on a budget

To up the cozy factor, I included a couple pair of fuzzy holiday socks that came in a 6-pack (I put two pair in each bucket). For the hot chocolate, I found these peppermint spoons and chocolate spoons that melt in hot beverages as you stir them. You also don’t want to forget candy! I found quite a variety of holiday themed candy at the Dollar Tree and put about 3 different varieties in each bucket.

Christmas gifts for teachers

Another thing I love about this gift idea is that you can completely tailor it to whoever the receiver is AND do it on a budget! If it’s for your kid’s teacher, add a holiday mug and a few holiday teacher supplies like festive pens or pencils! If it is for a friend or neighbor who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Hobby Lobby has non-holiday specific popcorn buckets that you can fill with non-holiday specific candy, socks, blankets, and of course popcorn bags and hot chocolate. You can totally make these your own!

My List of Top 10 Holiday Movies

Home Alone (1 & 2)
A Christmas Story
The Grinch (with Jim Carey)
Santa Clause
Christmas Vacation
Jingle All The Way
It’s A Wonderful Life
The Holiday
The Polar Express

Want everything for your bucket in one place? Check out all the items here!


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