DIY: How To Make A Wreath For The Holidays On A Budget

With holiday merchandise back on the shelves I found that it was a lot cheaper to just make a wreath myself than to spend upwards of $150 on a wreath. With the help of my friend Tiffany (aka the wreath queen) she helped me make a 48″ wreath for the holidays for about $65! Here’s how.


Mocktail Recipe: Easter Bunny Juice

Is it just me or does it seem like it’s taking FOREVER to get to Easter this year?! Geez! This year I wanted to make the holiday special by creating Easter mocktail that the kids can enjoy after all the eggs have been found. Finished off with the cutest, not to mention super easy to make drink stirrer, this Easter treat will not disappoint kids and adults alike!


DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

Being that this is my second child, it is really easy to be more lax about things that you were so adamant about with the first child. In an effort to make Hendrix’s arrival just as special as his big sister’s, I sat down this weekend and crafted a baby hospital door wreath as unique as his name.


Toddler Activity: Canvas Art to Welcome New Baby

Currently I am “hunkered down” in my house in Houston as hurricane Harvey makes his way though the Gulf Coast. All is well and I am even afforded some time to get blogging done (thank God for electricity!) I have been wanting to make my two year old daughter Camilla more a part of the preparations for her baby brother’s arrival in 5 weeks. I thought it would be a great idea for her to make some artwork for his room.


Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

I must admit, I am not a true blue baseball fan. There, I said it! Maybe in the days of yore it was America’s favorite past time, but I am pretty sure America’s favorite past time now is Netflix and chilling! To honor the fact that my city is representing well, and to acknowledge that I may be in the minority when it comes to the love of the game, I wanted to share this Easy DIY Baseball Wreath with you so that you too can show your pride right on your front door.