4 Keys To Planning The Perfect Girl’s Trip

For the past two years my former college roommates and I have planned a girl’s trip. It is a standing appointment we make for the the end of July and I have to say that it’s one of my most anticipated events each year. Throughout the year we make plans and communicate via our “girls trip (bikini emoji)” group text. After arrangements have been made and tickets from our respective cities have been booked, we meet up, catch up, and relax. Now that we have a few girl’s trips under our belts, I wanted to share some secrets to how we keep the girl’s trip tradition alive. It is my hope that you will feel inspired and plan your own annual girl’s trip with your favorite gal pals because it’s just good for the soul! Here are 4 keys to planning the perfect girl’s trip to help you get the ball rolling.


How to Plan the Ultimate Girl’s Trip to Atlanta

I have a friend named Paula who goes on girl’s trips like it’s her job!  I find myself scrolling through her pics on social media often looking at all the fun they are having.  Paula’s girl’s trip crew coordinate outfits when they go out and always kick off their trips with a matching shirt and matching PJ’s.  One day I was looking at pictures of their recent trip to Miami and said to myself “why don’t I do that instead of living vicariously through Paula?!”  And here we are, summer is just about over and I will have 3 girls trips under my belt!  My cousin recently visited to Houston from Atlanta and made the mistake of telling my sister and I to “come visit anytime”.  My sister and I got our wheels turning and after 4 enthusiastic yes’s from our girlfriends we booked our flight and were Atlanta bound.


Travel: My Quick Getaway List

Now that my baby is a little older, I am ready to get my travel on again! Right now I am focused on “weekenders”.  These are trips you can go on and for 2 or 3 days and then come back ready to take on the real world again.  I have compiled my list of 2018 quick getaway trips that I am set to go on this year or am looking into that won’t break the bank, but will feed the need for a much needed getaway or two.