4 Keys To Planning The Perfect Girl’s Trip

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For the past two years my former college roommates and I have planned a girl’s trip. It is a standing appointment we make for the the end of July and I have to say that it’s one of my most anticipated events each year. Throughout the year we make plans and communicate via our “girls trip (bikini emoji)” group text. After arrangements have been made and tickets from our respective cities have been booked, we meet up, catch up, and relax. Now that we have a few girl’s trips under our belts, I wanted to share some secrets to how we keep the girl’s trip tradition alive. It is my hope that you will feel inspired and plan your own annual girl’s trip with your favorite gal pals because it’s just good for the soul! Here are 4 keys to planning the perfect girl’s trip to help you get the ball rolling.

1. Consider Everyone’s Budget

Moms, mortgage buyers, music therapists, oh my! Our girl gang includes 4 ladies with varying incomes. Because of this, we make sure when we are planning our girl’s trips we consider everyone’s travel budget. Some of us (raising my hand) save our money all year long, while others of us can spring for the cabana! We all respect where we are at financially and it works out beautifully.

This year we decided to vacation at Horseshoe Bay Resort in the beautiful Texas hill country. This vacation was perfect for us to be by the water (lake LBJ), to relax (luxury spa…hello!), and to explore (Texas wine country…yes please!). Booking at Horseshoe Bay Resort was made super easy using Roomkey to book our stay. With no hidden fees, full transparency, and being able to deal directly with the resort, booking this trip saved us time and money! Less money spent on hidden fees allowed us more money to spend on deep tissue massages!

Obviously, our girl’s trip was about bonding and letting our hair down. That being said, Horseshoe Bay Resort has a ton of things to do for families too. From meeting and greeting turtles and exotic birds to making s’mores at the fire-pits in the evening, there was a ton for the whole family to enjoy.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

Last year we went to Cancun and our favorite adventure involved riding ATVs and zip-lining through the Mexican jungle. The most memorable moments happened when we left the resort and explored. This year we spent a day exploring the Texas hill country by visiting a winery, cruising around lake LBJ and eating at local restaurants away from the resort.

3. Factor In A “Chill” Day

This is a true lesson learned from our first trip to Cancun. On the last day of the trip, we realized we had been doing so much that we needed one more day to just lay around the resort. This year we factored in a day to do just that. Our last day at Horseshoe Bay was spent lounging under a cabana and at the resort spa for massages, hot tub, and sauna time.

We strategically had our chill day on the last day in order to fully unwind before it was back to reality. My first day back to work after our girl’s trip, I felt like a million bucks! That deep tissue massage was just what I needed before getting back to work, kids, a husband, and a dog!

4. Plan Your Next Girl’s Trip Before You Leave The One You Are On

One thing that me and my girls always say while we are on our girl’s trip is “I wonder what our lives will be like a year from now?” Along with imagining what will be different, we dream about where we will go next. Do we want to do something beach-y? Do we want to go somewhere state-side? This time we are choosing a completely different route. Girl’s trip 2020 is going to be completely random with a trip to…


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