5 Easy Ways To Spread Generosity

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holidays at the end of the year. The core of the holidays is about giving to others. This year I made giving to others I don’t know a priority with the help of Frost Bank. By “Frosting It Forward” I was able to randomly surprise strangers with acts of kindness which in turn inspired them to keep the generosity going.


NBA Finals Mocktail: Golden State of Mind Mango Lemonade

Last week I kicked off my NBA Finals themed cocktails with the Sangrialier and let it be known that I will be hoping for a Cleveland series win. For those of you who are set on a West Coast, today’s mocktail will totally be your jam. Check out today’s recipe for my “Golden State of Mind Mango Lemonade”!


NBA Finals Cocktail: The Sangrialier

The inevitable has finally happened with the Cleveland Cavaliers going against the Golden Sate Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals. Whether you are hedging your bets on the the reigning champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, or you are a die hard Golden State fan, one thing you have in common is that you are going to need a few stiff drinks to get through what is sure to be a nail biting, buzzer beating, showdown between the two. To help you through the next week or two I am sharing a few cocktail and mocktail (for those like me who can’t indulge) recipes that are NBA Finals themed and they will not disappoint!


NBA Playoffs Cocktail: The Tropical Blastoff

The NBA playoffs are heating up! We are in the first round and already there have been heart-breaks, surprise finishes, and fines issued for squabbles with fans. For today’s NBA playoffs inspired cocktail I wanted to offer up something that included a few of my favorite cocktail elements, rum + pineapple= slam dunk in the Sideline Socialite playbook. Check out this super easy recipe, and my nod to the Rockets “the tropical blastoff”!


4 Reasons to Embrace Basketball Season for His Sake and Yours

Now that football season is officially over some of you may not have realized that basketball season has be happening for quite some time now (since September). I have been made aware of this fact because my husband Cameron is a huge Houston Rockets fan and has not missed a game in about 3 years. Although I have been out of the loop with basketball for the past few years, if I had to choose a sport to actually sit down and watch with my husband, basketball would be it. Here are 4 reasons why you too should embrace basketball if your man is into it.