Game Day Cocktail: The Red Rowdy

This time of year for a sports lover is kind of intense, even more so if you are involved with a sports lover. Not only do you have football games to contend with but now you have basketball games coming in hot too. I thought it was a fitting time to introduce another cocktail recipe in honor of this overlapping period because you might need it if your man is going back and forth from the NFL to the NBA throughout the week!


4 Things That Happened In Sports While You Were Watching The Election

Ooooo weeeeee! What a week it’s been. Tensions are SUPER high in our country but we have to realize that life will and does go on. While we have all been glued to the TV looking at politics and ranting (or scrolling through rants) on social media I’d like to clue you in on a few sportsy things that have happened. I think we can all use a little light-hearted relief, wouldn’t you say? Here are a few things that happened somewhere between the last few debates and election day that your sports lover might have noticed, but may have escaped you.


Steph Curry And Why Your Man Has A Man Crush On Him

Though your man may not admit it, he most likely has a man crush on Steph Curry, and it’s ok to be ok with that. As play-off season comes to a close you may hear Steph Curry’s name pop up more and more because he’s sure to do some outrageous, buzzer-beater type things that will be memed about and re-played over and over. Now you will know who they are talking about!