3 Ways To Kick Start Working Out Again

I get it. Starting to work out again after a long period of not doing it is super tough. I figured since I needed motivation, so might you, so check out 3 ways to kick start working out again and know that I’m right there with you!


6 Must Do Pregnancy Yoga Poses For 3rd Trimester

I am pleased to say that I am at the 11th hour of my pregnancy! I survived the summer heat and humidity, a hurricane, and potty training toddler and lived to tell the tale. All the necessary preparations that come with having a baby have been checked off my list (packing a bag, preparing my toddler, penning a birth plan) and now I can focus on feeling whole mind, body, and spirit. Today I am joining with certified yoga instructor Shaina as she guides me through 6 must do pregnancy yoga poses for 3rd trimester.