Easy Steps For Effortless Gym Makeup

I’d like to begin this post by maintaining that I really don’t care that much what I look like when I am working out.  The fact that I have gotten out of bed or off from work and sidelined any excuses that I might have had for not working out that day is a freaking miracle, so don’t tell me that I have to look cute and put on a bunch of makeup too!  I have just begun working out again after not doing it since…um…when did I find out I was pregnant with my now 1 year old…um…probably a year before that! Anyway.  I committed to doing a 5k this July, so I figured I needed to start so that I don’t wake up the morning after the 5k without the ability to move.  I am 3 weeks in of running the trails in my neighborhood, but I am considering starting to work out at the gym.

Running in my neighborhood, I pretty much roll out of bed, put on my sports bra, and ear phones, and get out the door (side note: I’m pretty proud of myself because in 3 weeks I haven’t hit snooze once)!  I get back home just in time to greet my husband as he fumbles around the kitchen trying to warm some milk for our crying toddler who wakes up at 6:30 AM like clock work.  If I remember to brush my teeth before I head out is a “win” let alone thinking about putting on any makeup.  HOWEVER going to the gym sans makeup may be a different story for some of you.  At the gym I am a member of, there is a 100% chance that I am going to see someone that I know, it never fails.  For this reason it might be appropriate to have a little somethin’, somethin’ on makeup-wise while I work out at the gym.  I would also like to preface these tips by saying, I am in no way an advocate of full on makeup at the gym.  If you see someone with a full face of makeup at the gym, then they are not there to work out! For today’s look I solicited the help of real live beauty expert, Carmen Graham of Lynette Silhouettes and 1-third of My Natural Sistas, on Easy Steps For Effortless Gym Makeup.


Bertuzzi-Photography-002 Gym Makeup
I purposefully smiled…It’s annoying when they have those sad before pics. Of course you are going to look “worse” when you don’t smile! Look happy, you are about to get a make over!

So here’s what we’re workin’ with

Bertuzzi-Photography-001-2 Gym Makeup

MAC Mineralize Concealer
MAC Sheerstone Shimmer Blush
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade
Bareminerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss
Christian Dior Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara
Slay All Day Setting Spray

1. Conceal Around Your Eyes

Bertuzzi-Photography-004 Gym Makeup

Bertuzzi-Photography-005-3 Gym MakeupConcealing around your eyes simply relives any dark circles and makes you look a little fresher pre-workout.  As you can see a little dab will do ya!  Carmen applied concealer both under the eyes and on the eyelid and blended with a MAC application brush.  For this tutorial we purposely avoided high sweat areas (my forehead is where I sweat most…there and under-boob sweat but that doesn’t apply here, hee!)  If you know you sweat more in certain areas on your face avoid putting makeup there.

2. Get Those Brows In Check

Bertuzzi-Photography-006 Gym Makeup

Bertuzzi-Photography-008 Gym Makeup

For all things eyebrows, Carmen is the brow queen.  Seriously, check it out here.  For this effortless gym look Carmen tamed my brows fast by first brushing with an eyebrow brush and finishing by filling in the brow with a few strokes of the dipbrow pomade.  Carmen lives by the “brow code” that the eyebrows are what frame your face. If you don’t do anything else, do the brows!

3. Get Those Lashes In Formation

Bertuzzi-Photography-016 Gym Makeup

If I was stranded on an island and only could have one makeup item it would be mascara for sure! This is a simple, quick enhancement that anyone can do!  Of course we used waterproof mascara with sweating in mind.

4. Blush Please!

Bertuzzi-Photography-009 Gym Makeup

Add a little color to those cheeks!  Especially on my skin where I typically don’t get red faced during workouts.  A little blush goes a long way to looking awake for me.

5. Gloss it

Bertuzzi-Photography-010-3 Gym Makeup

Gloss those lips girl!  Lipstick my be a little too much while you are getting in that work out, so keep it light with some gloss.  I know when I am doing cardio especially my lips tend to get dry.  Having on gloss helps me to keep dryness and cracked lips at bay.

6. The Finishing Touch

Bertuzzi-Photography-012-2 Gym Makeup

And finally, finish the look with setting spray.  Carmen introduced me to the Slay All Day setting spay and I have to say, as I went through my day, my makeup stayed put.  This stuff is great!


Bertuzzi-Photography-019 Gym Makeup
Simple change yet effective.

Easy, right!  Carmen was so great to work with, even when her big, beautiful, natural hair got in the way of most of the shots!  For more tutorials from Carmen check her out on YouTube and for an excellent tutorial on waterproof makeup perfect for the summer, pool, or gym check out her video here.








  1. This is GREAT! Ovie has given me several "side-eyes" as he watches me put on mascara and lip gloss before heading to the gym. Lol. Clearly not looking for his replacement, but I just dont want to look like I've been to be gym BEFORE I actually get to the gym! Lol not that anyone cares. After an hour of cardio or weights, I don't care either!
    1. Mascara and lip gloss are 100% acceptable at the gym! O should be worried if you had a full caked on face, but otherwise, I would say, you go girl! Get the work in and look cute too! Thanks for commenting Tiffany!
  2. Oh girl no need for makeup you are beautiful without. Thank you for this posted. I only wear makeup on special but someone has to put it on for
    1. Thank you! I am a touch up and go kind of girl. Over up the spots, put on some mascara and keep it moving!
  3. You look awesome! Setting spray is going to be your number one helper in keeping makeup on during a workout. I have a Tri coming up and I don't want to look like a complete mess crossing the finish line. Lots of setting spray and waterproof makeup will be in my future!
    1. The setting spray is the real MVP, haha! Since doing that post, I have not missed a day using it. It's perfect especially in the Houston humidity to keep me shine free.
  4. This post is so cute! I always feel like I want to wear makeup to the gym, but I don't want to look like I'm going out to the club trying to run on the treadmill! LOL. Thanks for the tip, and I'm definitely going to check out Camren's youtube!
    1. Thanks Shasie! Throw on some mascara spray on that setting spray and you are good to go girl! Carmen is a beast when it comes to all things beauty and fitness, you will definitely enjoy her youtube. Check her out on her youTube page My Natural Sistas too!

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