4 Things That Happened In Sports While You Were Watching The Election

Ooooo weeeeee! What a week it’s been. Tensions are SUPER high in our country but we have to realize that life will and does go on. While we have all been glued to the TV looking at politics and ranting (or scrolling through rants) on social media I’d like to clue you in on a few sportsy things that have happened. I think we can all use a little light-hearted relief, wouldn’t you say? Here are a few things that happened somewhere between the last few debates and election day that your sports lover might have noticed, but may have escaped you.


The Simone Biles Encounter

For those of you that have been following along with my obsession over the Olympics, you know that part of it is all things gymnastics with an emphasis on Simone Biles. What you may not know is not only is Simone a hometown girl, but her brother Ron and I went to high school together! After going down high school memory lane, and giving me a Rio recap Ron invited my family and I to a reception welcoming home Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, and of course I accepted the invitation.


Ryan Lochte: Lochtegate in the Rio Olympics

Last week it was reported that gold-medal swimmer Ryan Lochte and 3 of his Team USA swim mates were robbed at gun point at a gas station in Brazil. On Tuesday it was then reported that Ryan Lochte and the crew made it all up! Not only did they make it all up but they vandalized the gas station while being under the influence! So I thought it was appropriate to take a closer look into who Ryan Lochte is (or who he thinks he is).