Olympics Watch Party + Rio Recap

We are already at the final week of the Olympics and I can’t believe it’s already almost over!  Here are a few of my take-aways thus far: 1. Michael Phelps is half man half amphibian, he’s gotta’ be! It must stink being a swimmer other than Michael Phelps going into the Olympics and knowing you aren’t going to get the gold. 2.  Can I say how proud I feel to be a woman in this country after some outstanding performances by Simone Biles, and all the girls on team USA gymnastics, swimmers Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky, GIRL POWER in Rio for real! 3.  The media really tries to add drama to the games where there is none like here with Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos (and Le Clos didn’t even medal) and here with Gabby Douglas not saluting the flag when getting gold (even though I am pretty sure that she has dedicated most of her life to representing our country so I am pretty sure she is quite American) and here when she gave what seemed to be half-hearted enthusiasm when teammates Aly Raisman and Simone Biles medaled in the All-Around competition (not going to lie, it’s pretty messed up!  Not a good look Gabby!)  I hope you all have been able to get in on a little of the action. If not, you can get re-caps here and use it to chime in when people in the office are talking about it, and no one will ever know, hee hee!

Before any medals were given and before anyone held USA swimmer olympians at gunpoint in Rio, I had a watch party during the opening ceremonies, and it was an absolute blast!

The Food

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-004-2
These Olympic Torch Cupcakes were super easy and fun to make! I have always wanted to make cupcakes in a cone! Get a box cake mix and make according to the package instructions. Pour batter into cones leaving about 1/8 inch space at the top and pop it in the oven at the given temp and time. That’s it! The cones can withstand the heat! I got white icing split it in half and added yellow food coloring to one and mixed orange for another. Then I pipped it on top of the cones and added these cute international flags I found on amazon.
Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-005-5
Oreos dipped in white chocolate with patriotic sprinkles on top = there were none left for me to even taste! Thanks Joy for making these delicious Olympics party treats (at least I think they were delicious)…
Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-007-3
Taco Salad dip made to look like a flag!
Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-008-2
I had my husband Cameron try his hand at grilling Brazilian marinated meat! We had pork, chicken, and steak and it was all super tasty.

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-011-2

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-012-4
Brazilian Style Rice and Beans.
Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-013-2
Super easy to make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread). If you have been to a Brazilian steakhouse you have had these before and know these melt in your mouth!

The Drinks

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-001-4
Brazilian Lemonade on the right which was also gone by the end of the night. But I had several cups!
Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-017-5
Andrea serving up the Rio De Ja-tinis to all the guests.

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-016-2

The Friends

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-024-2
Everyone was given a gold medal (made of salt dough like you would a christmas ornament with your kid’s hand print) when they got to the door. I painted them all with gold metallic paint and strung ribbon through them.

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-015

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-010-5

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-009-3

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-018-2

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-014-3
Cameron couldn’t get enough of the Brazilian cheese bread!
Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-020
I asked my guests to wear the colors of the country they are representing. There was red, white, and blue for days which gave people another wear out of their 4th of July outfits 🙂
Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-022-2
Not all my guests dressed in theme, but for those who did, they got to take this picture, haha!

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-021-3

Sideline Socialite Olympics Bertuzzi-Photography-023-3
100% commitment to the theme of the party!

A great time was had by all and it was a great way to kick-off what has been a really exciting first half of the Olympics.  It’s not too late to have a watch party of your own!  Pick a sport that you would like to watch or pick a night sometime this week to have a few friends over for a happy hour and some Rio de Ja-tinis or some All I Do Is Win Gold Medal Margaritas.  It might be fun to get the girls together and watch something new from this list!  Remember, this only happens once every 4 years so make sure you get your Olympics on this year before it’s over!



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