The Simone Biles Encounter

For those of you that have been following along with my obsession over the Olympics, you know that part of it is all things gymnastics with an emphasis on Simone Biles.  What you may not know is not only is Simone a hometown girl (Spring, Texas, what what?!), but her brother Ron and I went to high school together and remained “in touch” through Facebook (thank you Facebook!)  Because I crept often on Ron’s Facebook over the years I knew Simone was a beast from way back.  Through all 3 of her World Championships, to the opening of their parent’s gym, I knew far in advance that Simone would quickly become America’s Sweetheart once she hit the Olympics stage.  It’s funny to think back now to high school and hanging out with friends at Ron’s house, Simone and her sister Adria were just little squirts that we wanted to get out of our way from doing whatever high school kids do while hanging out.  I remember Simone and Adria climbing all over things more specifically climbing on Ron and his brother Adam.  I also remember Ron telling me that they did gymnastics and thinking what everyone thinks about little kids in gymnastics (Oh that’s cute, that’s good to get their energy out, but who really sticks to gymnastics?!  When I was little I was in it for the foam pit!)

Flash forward to today, I recently reconnected with Ron after he made a surprise visit to my church a few Sundays ago.  It was great catching up on all things Rio in which he informed me that he didn’t even see one mosquito while in Brazil.  He also informed me of the running list of celebrity guys he was going to have to tackle if they tried to get close to his sister.  After going down high school memory lane, and giving me a Rio recap he invited my family and I to a reception welcoming home Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles.

Bertuzzi-Photography-022 (2)

So, duh!  We went and I was so jazzed the whole way to the venue.  I had this whole list of questions I would ask her like: do you keep in touch with Zac Efron?, who’s your gymnastics bestie?, what’s up with those awkward dance moves they make you do on the balance beam?, you know, the important stuff.  I also got it in my head that I would take a picture with her and I doing a perfect landing position pose and then I would make it my Facebook profile pic forrrrrreeeeeever.  Only to find out that “they” were not allowing people to take pictures with Simone and if you wanted a picture then “they” had a green screen you could pose in front of with a superimposed pic of Simone in her leotard…whack…dreams crushed.

Bertuzzi-Photography-025 (1)

Camilla clearly thought everyone was there for her, and thanks to the birthday party she went to before this where she turned up on cupcake frosting, she was in rare form.

Bertuzzi-Photography-031 (1)

She got her dance on but was really in it for the snacks!

Bertuzzi-Photography-029 (2)

Cami and Simone have that in common because Simone was also there for the snacks.

Bertuzzi-Photography-028 (1)

I noticed when watching the Olympics, Simone never did a routine without her sparkly eyeliner.  I thought the eyeliner was for the theatrics of it all.  But you know what, she had it on at the reception and her eyes were stunning.  She was absolutely beautiful.


And then this.  Look at those muscles!  Look at her arms!  I guess for anyone that can do this…


your arms would look like that too!

Bertuzzi-Photography-024 (1)

I got to speak to Mr. Biles who asked to hold Cami, to which she refused (kids never cooperate when you need them to the most!)


I did get to ki-ki with Mrs. Biles and take a short trip down memory lane.

Bertuzzi-Photography-033 (1)

And although I didn’t get to do my “stick the landing” pose with Simone, I did get to speak to her.  Only to tell her how awesome she is and what an inspiration she is to young women, blah, blah, blah, things she undoubtedly has heard a million times.


Ron discreetly carried around one of the gold medals which was really awesome to see in real life!

Bertuzzi-Photography-034 (1)

Although it wasn’t my dream encounter with America’s Sweetheart Simone Biles, a good time was had and Cami ate her fill of Ritz crackers.  The best part of it all was being able to see old high school friends there and re-connecting with them.  I also enjoyed speaking with Adria Biles and talking to her about having to go back to school after all the craziness.  I have a feeling this won’t be my last Simone Biles encounter (being that she lives right up the road).  I would love to take her out for cupcakes sometime in the future to talk about boys and Beyoncé!



    1. Oh that?! That's just from lifting up Cami all day errrr day! I wish it was because I worked out like Simone, haha!

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