Football Is Back! Give ‘Em Hell Boys!

Football season sort of snuck up on me!  If it wasn’t for the Carrie Underwood Monday Night Football commercial playing while I was tuned in to the Olympics, it would have completely escaped me.  Thank you Carrie-girl!  My husband is excited to get back to watching HIS Texans and I am excited about trying out a few new dip recipes, and also…JJ Watt.  As I mentioned before, I really hate summer and the fact that football has started is a tell tale sign of the cooler weather, and fall fashion that’s on the horizon!  As many of you wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and friends of sports lovers know, whoever your guy “goes” for in football means you have to “go” for them too.  Unless you went to rival schools, in that case, may the odds be ever in your favor!  Because Cameron goes for the Texas, I go for the Texans.  That may mean lending my support to our boys in blue by making a killer guacamole, or making sure I only grocery shop at HEB for the remainder of the season as a good luck ritual, but I do my part for the “bulls on parade” (mainly for JJ Watt).

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I’m changing it up a little this season.  I am so over wearing jerseys and spirit shirts that are 2 sizes too big (usually I wear my husband’s shirts or shirts that were shot to us out of a cannon at a game and are almost always XL).  I could not get over this graphic tee from Cents Of Style and thought it would be the perfect sentiment for football season.

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Under the Friday Night Lights I paired this tee with a flowy skirt in team colors and these super comfortable lace up ballet flats from Francesca’s.  Comfortable shoes are a MUST when it comes to going to games.  How can you cheer your team on if your feet hurt?!

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Just because it’s game time, doesn’t mean you have to compromise style at a tailgate, game, or game watch party.  No girlfriend!  Game time just means it’s time to step-up your game when it comes to fashion!

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And then…I paired it with these olive skinnies and it gave me even more life!  I am absolutely living for all things olive colored this fall!  If you don’t have a pair of olive colored skinnies, what are you waiting for?!

Bertuzzi-Photography-015 (1)

Bertuzzi-Photography-014 (1)

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These skinny jeans also come from Cents Of Style and are perfect for a game day.  With a drawstring waist and the distressed hole at the knees  these are not only on trend for the fall but also really comfortable while standing and sitting.

Bertuzzi-Photography-017 (1)

Bertuzzi-Photography-018 (1)

My look even attracted the attention of my fine feathered friend!

** Thanks to Cents Of Style for sponsoring this post. You better believe the thoughts are all my own!

Game Day Fashion: Football is Here!


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  1. Super cute!! Hubs and I are both HUGE football fans. I am a diehard Broncos Fan, he's a Texans fan, but I like to mess with him because I think if we move states he will change teams. :) Fantasy football is played, and Sundays we are mia because football! :) Love the shirt! I agree, jerseys are not so comfortable. I more-so collect them now than anything.

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