How To Do Summer With A Toddler: Beach Trip

I may not be with the majority in saying this, but, I am really freaking glad summer is almost over!  It’s my least favorite season and other than maybe teachers who get the summer off, I don’t understand why people like it so much!  In Houston it’s miserably hot and humid.  If I park at Target, by the time I get my cart inside I already have beads of sweat rolling down my back and that is NOT an exaggeration!  Going to the pool is an option, however I am not a “lay out by the pool” kind of girl when it comes to this Texas heat!  Furthermore do we women really like wearing swim suits?!  I mean, let’s be real ladies!  From trying them on, to having to shave and wax, all so we can then cover it up with an over priced cover up and hat! If I had my way I would hibernate in the summer and you guys can just text me when it’s time for boots, and pumpkin-spiced everything.

That being said, this summer was my first with a toddler.  I didn’t want my dislike for summer to affect my daughter Camilla from having a good one so my husband Cameron and I did our best to give her fun things to do.  A trip to the Houston Zoo and another to Wet-n-Wild Splash Town. Numerous, toddler birthday parties, and trips to the pool, and local splash pads.  Baby-girl had a blast!  And you know what, I learned to enjoy little things about summer because now I was seeing it through her eyes.  Her seeing a real elephant for the first time, made me see the elephant again for the first time.  It’s funny how that works.  Here’s a recap of one of my favorite times as a mom so far and that’s when we took Cami to the beach for the first time.  Seeing and feeling the sand and the waves through her eyes was amazing.  This also was a trip where I embraced my new “mom-bod” and wore a swim suit for the first time since having Cami 15 months ago!

We traveled to Chrystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula over 4th of July weekend. The beach was packed with tailgaters, kite fliers, and dune buggies.





Bertuzzi-Photography-019 (2)
She clearly didn’t want to get out of the water so I made Cameron be the bad guy!
Toddlers are kind of weird, haha! They have funny ways and sometimes you just have to step back and let them have their “toddler moments”. Cami didn’t like the sand on the beach but she loved the sand in the ocean. It was the strangest thing. In general she doesn’t like getting dirty which was proven a month earlier at her 1st birthday party when she freaked out after she got cake on her from smashing the cake.
Having a kiddie pool on the beach is a great idea for a toddler. My friend has a beach house but had this kiddie pool set up under a pop-up canopy so Cami got to splash around and be in the shade when the beach was too hot (the water in the ocean was really warm!)
I just love all her curls…her dad’s not bad either!
Mom-bod, fully embraced. Things aren’t where and how they used to be, but you know what, I pushed out a 10 pound 2 oz. baby, so I guess you can’t expect it to all sit the same. #worthit
This may be my favorite picture of all time with me and my girl. She’s such a sweet heart.

Now that summer is almost over, school has started and so has football. I can say that summer with a toddler was a more enjoyable one than I have had in the past.  I am looking forward to getting her in swim lessons next summer and continuing more adventures with her.



  1. I am so amazed at and proud of your wonderful blog! Your Gift definitely makes room for you! The genuineness of your love for what you do and the unselfish spirit in which you do it shines through!! It is said that when you add Enthusiams to what you do, it improves by 10% - so girly, you are at 110%+++ Love you Bertuzzis!
  2. Great blog Britt! Kids definitely have a way of opening your world up to old and new things! Motherhood looks great on you and Cam's got the "daddy thing" down pat! 😘
  3. You are definitely rocking the Mom-bod as you put it! You look great and you already have a lot of wisdom about being a Mom! Seeing things through their eyes is what it is all about! God bless your family!! ❤️❤️

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