Kevin Durant Goes To Golden State And How This Will Affect Your Date Nights

The news that Kevin Durant will now play for the Golden State Warriors was the spark that set off all kinds of fireworks on the internet this 4th of July!  My husband Cameron couldn’t even fully enjoy his plate of bbq with this unappetizing news!  He pretty much was in a constant state of shaking his head and was glued to reddit to see how this news would unfold.

So what’s the big deal anyway?!  Imagine with me for a moment if you will that Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Miranda Lambert were in a girl group together…

Miranda-Lambert kevin durant ges to golden state rihanna-kevin durant goes to golden state lady-gaga-kevin durant goes to golden state beyonce Kevin Durant goes to Golden State

I mean…this would be like the most powerful super group EVVVVVVVVVER, right?!  But then…ADELE joins the group…

Adele kevin durant goes to Golden state

MIND COMPLETELY BLOWN.  No other group, no other concert ticket, could compare!  And so it is with Kevin Durant as the newest addition to the Golden State Warriors starting lineup!  With 4 of the best starters in the NBA already on the Golden State team, adding the most sought after player in the NBA, Kevin Durant (coming from the Oklahoma City Thunder) is like writing a check that no one will be able to cash, ever.  Kevin Durant couldn’t get out of Oklahoma fast enough!  They literally already have pictures with him in the Golden State uniform (mind you this happened yesterday)!


People are up in arms about Kevin Durant’s decision to play for the Warriors because they pretty much have the potential to beat every team in the NBA, and that’s no fun to watch.  Kevin Durant, bless his heart, was making a business decision and just wants to know the feeling of winning an NBA championship.  I am not sure if you heard the collective gasp come out of Oklahoma yesterday, but I heard it all the way in Houston and felt the heat of all the Kevin Durant jerseys burning soon after…

Kevin Durant KD goes to golden state

So what does this mean for us lovers of sports lovers?  I’m glad you asked!  It means we can re-claim our fall to spring date nights! It means all those times you had to plan a little boo time around when the game was on, or the ever changing play-off schedule in whatever time zone, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Unless your man is a die hard Golden State fan (now one of the most hated teams in the NBA), the odds are not in the favor of whatever other team he roots for.  Next basketball season should be pretty uneventful because the odds are not in anyone’s favor but Golden State.  We already know who is going to win the championships so the play-offs are a moot point.  So in the words of my spirit animal Beyoncé “ladies, go ahead and reach in the back of that closet and pull out that dress”, and tell your sitters to clear their schedules between the times of September and June because you are getting your basketball season date nights back!  On behalf of all the lovers of basketball lovers, Kevin Durant we salute you!




  1. HA love it! I'm a big sports fun, but I'll admit, I don't care much for the NBA. I'll cheer on our hometown Rockets, but that's about the extent of it!
  2. Hahaha great analogy with the girl group! I don't pay a lot of attention to sports, so I didn't understand what the big deal was, but the guys at my job were talking about it! Now I can feel in the loop!
    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I love relating what's going on in sports to things us girls can understand! I'll keep the analogies coming!
    1. Thanks for checking it out Tabitha! I really appreciate when non-sports fans (or basketball in your case) check out my posts! That's what it's all about! Maybe you can weigh in if your co-workers are talking about it :)

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