NBA Finals Cocktail: The Sangrialier

The inevitable has finally happened with the Cleveland Cavaliers going against the Golden Sate Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals.  Everyone knew that these two would come head to head again but with addition of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors team, would this seal the deal for a Golden State victory, or nah?  Whether you are hedging your bets on the the reigning champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, or you are a die hard Golden State fan, one thing you have in common is that you are going to need a few stiff drinks to get through what is sure to be a nail biting, buzzer beating, showdown between the two.  To help you through the next week or two I am sharing a few cocktail and mocktail (for those like me who can’t indulge) recipes that are NBA Finals themed and they will not disappoint!

NBA Finals Cocktail: The Sangrialier Easy Cranberry Sangria

NBA Finals Cocktail: The Sangrialier Easy Cranberry Sangria

I am going to go ahead and start with this NBA Finals cocktail that I am lovingly calling “The Sangrialier” which is a super refreshing cocktail perfect for warmer weather and heated matchups on the court.  Why start with this one?  Well because if my Rockets aren’t in the finals and I have to pick between the Cavs and the Warriors, I am going to go ahead and have to go with the Cavs.  It has nothing to do with skill level but everything to do with who I feel has the most likeable and good looking players.  Um…Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson (whom I just found out is allegedly dating Khloe Kardashian, and it almost made me change my vote to the Golden Sate Warriors on that fact alone!)  Anyway. Go Cavs Go, or whatever!

NBA Finals Cocktail: The Sangrialier
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  • 2 cups Cranberry Juice
  • 1 cup Orange Juice
  • 1 750mL bottle of Fruity Red Wine (a sweet red blend)
  • 3 cups Ginger Ale
  • Frozen cranberries
  • Orange slices


  1. Add frozen cranberries and orange slices to a large pitcher
  2. Top fruit with cranberry juice, orange juice, and bottle of red wine and refrigerate
  3. When ready to serve, add ginger ale, stir and serve with more cranberries and orange slices as garnish

Keep following along with me throughout the 2017 NBA Finals and I will keep the themed cocktails, mocktails, and game watching snacks coming!




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