Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea He Will Love

For Father’s Day, I usually hook Cam up with things that he doesn’t take time to purchase himself. Underwear, socks, and don’t forget the graphic tees…so many graphic tees! Most Father’s Days we spend with Cameron at the grill using a new gadget while the kids are in the pool. This year I have a slightly different plan that I think Cameron will love. I’m trying out a Father’s Day grazing spread loaded with his favorite foods, snacks, and candy.

Easy Father's Day Gift Idea He Will Love

For a really easy and inexpensive DIY to make this spread special, I made “DAD” candy holders. You can personalize this on your own by spelling out a name or nickname fitting for the father in your life. You can use paper maché letters like I did and cut out the top layer with an exacto-knife, or purchase pre-cut cardboard letters that are ready to fill.

Dad letter Father's Day DIY
DIY Father's Day Letters for Candy
Father's Day DIY Letters

Once you have cut the top cover of the letters, remove any cardboard insides you find so that the inside is completely empty.

Father's Day craft for dad gift

Now is the fun part! One Father’s Day gift that my kids love giving Cameron is his favorite candy. This DIY is a great way to give the dad in your life his favorite sweets in a fun way. For Cameron I filled the DAD letters with chocolate almonds, sour straws, and Reeces Pieces. I love the way it turned out and added color to the table.

Father's Day grazing table

For the Father’s Day spread, I started by adding Cam’s favorite thing, MEAT! I had everything from smoked sausage, beef jerky, prosciutto, pepperoni, spiced salami, to bacon on a skewer and chicken wings.

Father's Day lunch idea

I also made sure to include some of Cameron’s all-time favorites: chips and salsa+queso, pickles, tamales, trail mix, shrimp and cocktail sauce, deviled eggs, sliders, chewy chocolate cookies, and an assortment of cheeses.

Father's Day food ideas
Father's day lunch or brunch

Whatever your husband or the dad in your life likes is fair game when it comes to your Father’s Day spread. The gift to him is the fact that he has his favorite foods to graze on all day long. The gift to you is that you don’t have to worry about lunch or dinner for the kids!


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