Hospital Bag Essentials

So many things in the world of pregnancy have changed since I had my son 6 years ago. I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed when it came to the new and improved pregnancy and baby gear this time around with baby number 3. After 8 months of research, talking to recently pregnant friends, and thinking back to problems I wanted to fix this time around, I finally came up with what was essential to have in my hospital bag as a veteran mom. No fluff, no frills, just essentials.

What to bring in your hospital bag

One thing that I would highly recommend is to BYOG (bring your own gown). The hospital gowns are so stiff and scratchy to me! With my other pregnancies, my mom made me a gown for delivery and I loved it. This time around I found this one and it’s so soft! It has snaps everywhere so that cables and monitors can easily be attached to you and also is convenient for breastfeeding.

Hospital bag essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials For After Delivery

So you’ve just had the baby and now the healing process is beginning. Here’s what I am packing and pretty excited about using because they didn’t have these convenient products 6 years ago! First, PJs! I am packing these comfy PJs that come as a 4-piece set and plan to live in them while in the hospital. Since they are maternity, they still allow room for your diminishing bump and are loose enough to feel comfortable. I also like that they are nursing friendly. Paired with some fuzzy slippers I’m set for maximum comfort.

Under the PJs I will wear a postpartum belly band that came highly recommended by a friend. Postpartum belly bands help support recovery (both from natural and c-section births) by managing diastasis recti, alleviating back pain, promoting pelvic floor healing, and organ realignment. I mean…sign me up for all of that!

The best postpartum items
Postpartum must haves

Ok ladies. The world of postpartum recovery has come all the way up with these products! Gone are the days of having to wear mesh hospital “underwear” and piece-mil padsicles. Frida Mom came out with a whole like of products just for our postpartum recovery and I am totally here for it! In my bag I will be bringing the disposable postpartum underwear and the perineal ice maxi pads. The convienience of these two products right here blows my mind and I never thought I’d actually be looking forward to recovery so much just to use these!

Hospital essentials for nursing

Hospital Bag Essentials For Nursing

With my first two babies I had my fair share of breastfeeding woes. Mastitis, cracked, bleeding nipples, over supply, clogged ducts. You name it, I’ve experienced it. This time around I am determined to have a pleasant nursing experience. By learning from the other two kids and talking to friends and lactation consultants, I think I have a solid plan for baby #3 and our nursing journey together. Here is what I am bringing in my hospital bag to support it.

First off, a solid nursing pillow (I guess it’s not technically in the bag but it will definitely be with me at the hospital). I highly recommend this brand as I think it saved me from giving up with breastfeeding my son. There is something about the firm and flat pillows vs. the squishy no support pillows that is just all around better. It offers so much more support and gets your baby in a better position in my opinion.

For nipple care I have packed silver nursing cups (which I hear work wonders at preventing nipple trauma), nipple balm (to sooth sore and dry nips), and sunflower lecithin supplements. The supplements worked like magic in helping me keep mastitis away my thinning out the milk and declogging ducts in a flash. The key is to start taking it right away!

And of course I am packing a few good nursing bras and tanks! I am bringing both pump-friendly bras and regular nursing bras just incase I need to start using the pump at the hospital.

What to pack in your hospital bag for going home

Hospital Bag Essentials For Going Home

And finally, for going home! Of course you need a little outfit for your baby. My daughter (8) crocheted the cutest little hat for her little sister. We all can’t wait to see what it looks like on an actual baby! I found a wooden name plaque on sale at Hobby Lobby that I am packing for pictures.

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Postpartum dress
Maternity dress great for postpartum

And a dress that is both maternity and postpartum friendly that will be comfortable to go home in. I like that it has buttons for easy nursing access and that it’s flowy and not too tight as I continue to heal.

For a one stop shop on where to get your hospital bag essentials, here you go!


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