My Iconic Baby Shower +The Best Baby Shower Theme Ideas + Free Printable

I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child, so this pregnancy is by no means my first rodeo. After finding out that I was pregnant both my husband and I knew this would be the child to complete our family…we knew this was a wrap! I am 39 years old, and the last time I was pregnant with my son was 6 years ago. Lots has changed in the maternity world and the thought of starting over was quite overwhelming. My friends were insistent that I get my act together and make a registry and get a shower on the books. And one day, in my 7th month, I had the great idea to have a “Grand Finale” themed baby shower. I wanted to celebrate the end of my childbearing years. This iconic shower would require my guests to dress as celebrity icons and be less about baby shower things and more of a celebration of motherhood.

My Iconic Baby Shower +The Best Baby Shower Themes + Free Printable

And wouldn’t you know, all my friends went for it! They were excited to dress up and celebrate the ending of this chapter with me! No one blinked an eye when I told them the baby shower theme and everyone was excited to figure out which icon they wanted to be.

Iconic Baby Shower Theme
Shania Twain, Michelle, Obama, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears
Serena Williams, Rosie the Riveter, Audrey Hepburn, Selena
Iconic Grand Finale baby Shower
Madonna, Carmen Miranda, Jennifer Lopez, Dolly Parton
Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, Kate Middleton, Celine Dion
Grand Finale baby Shower
Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé

My one request to my photographer husband was that I wanted him to take iconic portraits of everyone. I wanted everyone that came to my baby shower to feel beautiful. So we brought a portable fan, popped up a backdrop, put on a playlist with music from all of the celebrity icon singers, and went to snapping pictures! My husband definitely understood the assignment! My Beyoncé inspo pic can be found here and here are my maternity dress, crown, and wig as well as Cami’s Audrey Hepburn pieces. Note: For my crown I DIYed it a little by spray painting fake roses gold and hot glueing them to base of the crown.

Baby Shower Decor
Baby Shower Decorations
Baby Shower Ideas

For decorations I enlisted my friend who is brilliant with balloons to do a photo opp area. I told her I wanted it to include disco balls (because I am loving that trend!) I found disco ball tumblers and using my Cricut made flags that read “Brittany’s Grand Finale”. These were the perfect take-aways that my guests loved bringing home with them. I also found disco ball ornaments (which I cut the string off of) and gave to my cupcake making friend to use as toppers for the cupcakes. These paired so nicely with the disco ball napkins, plates, and cutlery included at the baby shower.

Baby Shower Food
Baby Shower Ideas and Decor

My friends really came through with some great ideas to incorporate the baby’s name into the shower. Although we were celebrating the end of an era for me, they were able to work in a few baby things, haha! The baby’s name is Colette (and we will call her Coco). My friends asked me what my favorite candies were and they filled these letters with all of my favorite sweets! Another great idea was the “Coco” bar where guest could make hot chocolate with any of the fixin’s they wanted. This was perfect since the shower was during the winter time.

Grand Finale Baby Shower Decorations
Iconic Baby Shower Decorations

When my “celebrity” guests arrived, they walked the red carpet and were greeted by a star on the walk of fame. I made sure to have a star for each of the celebrity icons that I knew the guests were dressing up as. I made the stars out of styrofoam sheets that I painted pink and gold and used my Cricut to cut out the names.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

As far as entertainment goes, I am not a huge fan of baby shower games. I did however want to include a few things for guests to enjoy (that I also would really enjoy, haha!) My friend had the idea of a diaper writing station where guests would write encouraging notes on diapers. This way when my husband and I are in those first few months of late night diaper changes, we can read the notes and be encouraged, and even laugh at things people wrote. I really loved this idea and can’t wait to see what people came up with! If you love this idea, you can click the link below to get a free printable of the “Late Night Diapers” sign to place at the table for your shower!

Iconic baby shower
Grand Finale baby Shower activities
baby Shower Games

AND, there were cookies! I love watching cookie decorating videos (so satisfying!) I called my girl at Hayley Cakes and Cookies and she was able to make custom blank cookie kits with shapes perfect for the icon party (disco balls, microphones, hearts, onesies, stars) and icings that went with the colors of the party. Everyone loved decorating their own cookies and I loved seeing what everyone came up with.

Baby Shower theme ideas

Although the “Grand Finale” “Iconic” baby shower theme is unconventional, I wouldn’t have changed it at all! I love that the guests got to dress up and feel glam with their portraits. I love that there were little touches of the baby’s name. And I love that the activities were things that I enjoy doing as I enter into this next chapter of my life.

For more conventional shower ideas here’s a list of my top 10 faves:

Taco Bout A Baby Fiesta Theme
Wild Flower/Baby in Bloom Theme
Bumble Bee Theme
Adventure/The Great Outdoors Theme
Over The Moon Theme
Boho Baby Theme
Hey Cutie (oranges) Theme
Woodland Creatures Theme
Super Sweet (candy and/or donuts) Theme
Garden Party/Tea Party Theme

For your one stop shop for the items I used in this post click HERE.


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