Must Haves For An Expectant Mother

In my 35 years I have been to many-a baby shower. I have had 2 for my own babies, and I have hosted a handful myself. I have seen every theme under the sun and I have “ooo-ed” and “aww-ed” over the teeniest tiniest baby clothes out there! What I can tell you, as a former expectant mother, is that people don’t really get excited about getting the actual mother-to-be the gifts. Everyone focuses on the gadgets and gizmos, and wardrobe for the bundle of joy but forgets about the less glamorous things like, nipple cream. August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and I thought it would be a great opportunity to round up a few must-haves that would be the perfect gift for an expectant mother!


6 Must Do Pregnancy Yoga Poses For 3rd Trimester

I am pleased to say that I am at the 11th hour of my pregnancy! I survived the summer heat and humidity, a hurricane, and potty training toddler and lived to tell the tale. All the necessary preparations that come with having a baby have been checked off my list (packing a bag, preparing my toddler, penning a birth plan) and now I can focus on feeling whole mind, body, and spirit. Today I am joining with certified yoga instructor Shaina as she guides me through 6 must do pregnancy yoga poses for 3rd trimester.


Summer Style Brights and 20-Week Bumpdate

About 3 weeks ago, I got my energy back ya’ll! I thought I would never see the day when I didn’t feel like my tiny yet growing baby wasn’t sucking the life out of me, but in the words of Drake “started from the bottom now I’m here”! In honor of my newly found energy I thought it was appropriate to share the sunniest, brightest look and kick off my summer style wardrobe.