Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Things to do with Your Girls

There are so many times we mean well with our friends when we say “we should get together” but we never do.  Not until we see them at a mutual friend’s bridal/baby shower only to remember what a good time we have together and then promise to hang out again soon. I of all people get that life happens and sometimes when someone is not in your face all the time, it’s out of sight out of mind. Now with Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, sometimes we can even forget that we haven’t spent actual time with our friends because we are so caught up on their lives through social media.  As I near closer and closer to the arrival of baby #2, I feel like I am in a mad dash to spend some quality time with my girlfriends before I get into the dilemma of having to choose sleep over everything else…sleep usually wins!  This summer I am being intentional in devoting  a lot of QT with my besties while I can.  If you are looking for some fun things to do with your girlfriends, check out my list of 6 things to do with Your Girlfriends This Summer!

Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Fun Things to do with Your Girlfriends

1. A Good Old Fashioned Sleep Over

I get it, we are grownups now.  But remember the good ‘ol days when you and your girlfriends spent the night at each other’s house, and stayed up talking about boys, the latest episode of Dawson’s Creek, and if we thought Britney and JT would last?  Gosh those times were so simple!  Although the conversation has changed, I still find joy in shooting the breeze and talking about life, and husbands, and kids, and fashion, and business ideas with my girlfriends.  Sometimes we could go on and on but it gets cut short because the rules of being a grownup say you have to go home.  Forget about the rules! Call your friend up and tell her to come over in her PJ’s and stay up all night binge watching Gilmore Girls!  Why not?!  The next morning, high-tail it to IHOP and eat waffles together sans makeup.

Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Fun Things to do with Your Girlfriends

2. An Out-of-the-Box Shopping Day

Anytime I go shopping with my girlfriends is a good time.  Sometimes it’s just window shopping and other times it’s a full on try-it-on fashion show.  But what about something different?  Recently my sister has gotten into wearing wigs for fun/when she doesn’t feel like dealing with her natural hair.  Half the fun of it is trying them on!  Get your girlfriends and go try on fun wigs at a local wig shop.  One of my dearest friends, Shaina and I did it! We ended up each buying a wig and when we look back at pictures we notice that Shaina never manages to have hers on straight!

Other fun shopping trips could be trying on wedding dresses (even though you may already be married), shopping for Halloween costumes (after 4th of July stores start pushing Halloween), shopping for items to make a meal you have always wanted to make (I have always wanted to make sushi.  Hunting  from store to store to find authentic Japanese items to create the rolls was a fun adventure!) Another one of my faves is shopping your friend’s closets!  My girl Vanessa (pictured above) who now has an infant, let me shop her closet for summer maternity wear. I let Vanessa shop mine where she found this floral shift dress that she paired with shorts for our get-together to have dinner on the bay. (My maxi dress with pockets is from Lulla Blue).

Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Fun Things to do with Your Girlfriends

3. Go to the Movies

I love going to the movies.  Many times Cameron and I have different tastes when it comes to the movies so we are limited on what we can see together.  This summer there have been some great girls-night-out/girl power movies that are perfect to see with some or all of your girls (Wonder Woman, Girl’s Trip, Atomic Blonde).  Recently, at the two theaters closest to me, they have added leather reclining seats with lots of arm room and a table so that you can actually eat.  They have upped their game with movie watching experiences and it’s the perfect atmosphere to kick your feet up, giggle, and eat/drink with your best girls!

Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Fun Things to do with Your Girlfriends

4. Road Trip/Staycation

The summer is the perfect time to schedule a little get away with your girls to break up the monotony of every day work/family/mom life.  Although I have only had the chance to take two trips this summer (due to me growing a human), I have many in the works for spring/summer 2018 including: Napa, Charlotte, and L.A.  If you don’t have the time to do a full on road trip, a staycation is another great option with your friends.  Go to a local hotel or resort for the weekend and lay out by the pool, go to the spa, and order room service to your heart’s content.

Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Fun Things to do with Your Girlfriends

5. A Game Night

Game nights are so much fun!  My friend Vanessa and I had a game night a few weeks ago and included our husbands to make it a couple’s thing.  We all laughed so hard that we cried over cards, sour patch kids, wine, and beer!  Our kids were asleep in another room and we struggled to keep it in at the expense of waking them up.  A few good adult card games include: Utter Nonsense and Cards Against Humanity.  Trust me, these are a good time, EVERY TIME.

Another fun game night idea as we celebrated my bestie Leslie’s birthday, was a visit to Escape the Room.  It was a fun interactive game where we all had to work together (we did it as couples) to escape a room in 60 minutes only using clues.  Many cities are jumping on the Escape Room bandwagon and I think it’s such a neat way to get everyone together.  We had a blast, and yes, we escaped by the skin of our teeth!


6. A Crafting Day

I love crafting.  Not all of my friends like to do it, but for the ones that do, we literally could spend all day glueing, painting, cutting, and bow making!  It’s like, seriously, where does all the time go?  The summer time is actually a great time to knock out some holiday crafts.  With Christmas in July specials and the fact that after July 4th Hobby Lobby already has robust Christmas and Fall sections, it’s the perfect time to get your crafty gals together and create wreaths, tablescape items, and home decor to your heart’s content!  Another great idea is to take some of the pictures that you have accumulated throughout the year and make a scrapbook.  There’s nothing like getting the opinion of your best crafty gals on what paper to use with what stickers for the perfect scrapbook page.

Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Fun Things to do with Your Girlfriends

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