Summer Style:Ruthie Grace Haul

When it comes to my summer style, I am all about what is easy, comfortable, light, and breezy. Ruthie Grace defines my summer style no matter what I have going on! When I saw their American Summer collection I knew I had to share some of my faves with you!


Kids Back To School Styles That Won’t Break The Bank

Camilla is beginning her last year in Pre-K this year and then it’s off to big school (which I can’t even wrap my mind around how I am going to just drop her off at somebody’s elementary school!).  For now Cami is rockin’ the hallway of her preparatory academy Pre-K wing and she is doing it in style! Just because most days she has to wear a uniform to school, doesn’t mean she has to be boring! Check out how we are styling her back to school clothes, uniform and all, and not breaking the bank by shopping Walmart Kid’s Fashion on


Girlfriends Guide to The Summer: 6 Things to do with Your Girls

There are so many times we mean well with our friends when we say “we should get together” but we never do. Not until we see them at a mutual friend’s bridal/baby shower only to remember what a good time we have together and then promise to hang out again soon. This summer I am being intentional in devoting a lot of QT with my besties while I can. If you are looking for some fun things to do with your girlfriends, check out my list of 6 things to do with Your Girlfriends This Summer!


Summer Style Brights and 20-Week Bumpdate

About 3 weeks ago, I got my energy back ya’ll! I thought I would never see the day when I didn’t feel like my tiny yet growing baby wasn’t sucking the life out of me, but in the words of Drake “started from the bottom now I’m here”! In honor of my newly found energy I thought it was appropriate to share the sunniest, brightest look and kick off my summer style wardrobe.