4 Ways To Connect With Your Family Around The Dinner Table

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As a mom, I am always looking for ways to get things done faster so that I can spend more time being with my husband and kids. With a house of picky eaters and food allergies, coming up with quick meals that makes everyone happy can be a struggle. Two weeks ago, my son had his yearly food allergy checkup and was released to be able to have dairy! For a one and a half year old who has never had dairy, he was ready to try all of the things that he has been missing! His absolute favorite thing so far has been Macaroni and Cheese which he would happily eat for every other meal, and so could his sister. Now that we can all enjoy more of the same foods as a family, I wanted to make sure that we make the most of our time together at the dinner table especially now during the Lenten season. Making the kids’ favorite macaroni is a snap with STOUFFERS® Macaroni and Cheese. Pairing it with foil wrapped baked fish makes for a super easy Friday night go-to meal at a time when meatless options are what’s for dinner. Join us at our table for 4 ways to connect with your family around the dinner table.

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1. Connecting Around The Table Starts Before You Get To The Table

Now that my daughter is almost 4, she is always wanting to help with any and everything. Getting all of the things that I needed to prepare dinner was incredibly simple after ordering everything I needed through Walmart Online Grocery. After placing my order, my daughter and I hopped in the car the next day and got everything we needed for our Friday night meal. All this without even getting out of the car! I love Walmart Online Grocery because that means there is less hunting for parking and unbuckling of car seats that I have to do! Camilla loved seeing the items we ordered come straight to us and looking through the bags to make sure her favorite foods were all there. Being a part of the ordering and pick up process made her feel as though she was part of the process of dinner prep. Not to mention, it was great quality time talking about all the things we can make together!

2. Plan The Menu Together

I knew that fish was in order for a quick Friday night meal. I love to season it and throw it in foil to let it cook on its own. But when it came to asking the kids what they wanted to go with their fish, macaroni and cheese was their overwhelming response. STOUFFERS Macaroni and Cheese is made super simple by throwing it in the oven and allowing it to cook on its own. In a little over an hour, it cooked and all you have to do is stir it! There is no better way to bring home creamy cheesy goodness for a mom on the go!

3. Create Colorful Meals Together

With picky eaters, this can be a tough one. I know that a lot of parents with young children are in the same boat as the kids with not wanting to eat vegetables. My kids are the same way; however, where my husband and I would eat our fish under a bed of fresh spinach, our kids would enjoy theirs with fresh fruit of any kind! That there is a win! I know as they grow their palate will become more sophisticated but for now, we create colorful plates with a lot of fruit and a handful of veggies.

4. Eat Without Distractions

Turn off the TV, and put away your phone. Dinner time is the time of day where everyone comes together and can share about their day. My daughter has no shortage of things to share and dinner time is her outlet to tell us about all the goings on in her pre-kindergarten class. My son is more soft-spoken around the table and more interested in eating off of everyone else’s plate. Even at his young age he is understanding and observing what we do. He sees us talking and sharing with one another. Sometimes he has really great comedic timing and will chime in and repeat a word or phrase someone said as we talk together at the dinner table. Connecting around the dinner table is how my family communicates best. When my kids are grown I want them to look back and remember the times we sat around the table, talked, and ate well. What are some ways that you connect around food? What’s your favorite meatless meal? If you are ready to bring home creamy cheesy goodness with your Friday fish with STOUFFER’S, it is available through Walmart Online Grocery.


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