An Open Letter To My Bi-Racial Children

Day after day pretty much the same routine with rarely a thought about being a black woman married to a white man raising bi-racial children. The other day someone approached my family with a comment and it sparked me to write this open letter to my children that they are too young to understand now, but one day will appreciate from their black mother married to their white father.


3 Ways to Connect With Your Infant

I know at times it can be difficult to connect with a baby who can’t talk and has a limited range of emotions, but I am convinced that they are soaking any and everything up and want nothing more but to be close and to connect with you. Today I am sharing 3 ways to connect with your infant.


Reflections on 2017

Now that 2017 has come to an end I have taken some time to reflect on the year. A sort of report card or progress report on how I did as a mom, wife, friend, human being. Of course we all have things we can improve on and all of us start off really hopeful on New Years day, but then life happens and you lose sight of the change you wanted to make. In 2017 I went through some major life changes, had some great experiences and some not so great experiences, and I am taking time here to share what I have learned and sprinkling in some cute photos of the family that we recently took at the Christmas Tree Farm.


Grocery Shopping Made Easy With H-E-B Curbside

I’m 3 weeks in being a mom of 2 ya’ll, and Cameron and I are slowly and sleepily getting into the routine of the new normal. My neighborhood recently had the grand opening of H-E-B within walking distance from my house and since it’s open my grocery shopping life has been at an all time high with the convenience of H-E-B Curbside.


Cool For The Summer with Rockets Of Awesome

The subscription box thing is a huge these days! Although I don’t have a regular subscription of my own, I find myself really wanting one…or a few. The reason I don’t is because I am afraid that I will want one for EVERYTHING once I start! Recently I have been feeling the effects of always having to get new clothes for a growing child. That’s when I discovered Rockets Of Awesome.