4 Ways Modern Dads Are Taking Over Daddy Duty

When it comes to fatherhood, the days of dads taking a backseat to a hands-on role with the kids are far gone! On Mother’s Day I was pampered, given gifts, and shown I was appreciated with hugs and kisses. When I look back at that day I realize that my husband Cameron, was just as active and involved with the kids as he would have been any other day! No matter if it’s a special “mom’s off-day” or just any other Tuesday, Cameron comes in clutch 365 days of the year when it comes to parenting. From tickle fights to diaper duty, Cameron and many other dads are stepping up in a big way with the kids, and we salute you dudes this Father’s Day! In fact, I have a cool Father’s Day gift idea for all those modern dads out there. Here are 4 ways modern dads are taking over daddy duty and why we are loving them for it!

1.Help Us Get Out Of The House On Time

One of the hardest day-to-day things as a parent is getting everyone out of the house. The more kids that you add to the family, the harder getting out of the door seems to be! In our home we pretty much have it down with our 2 kids. So men – step up and help out! Dads can play a major part in getting us anywhere on time by making sure the kids are dressed and their bags are packed. This means: diapers and wipes are refilled and in the diaper bag, toys and snacks are packed, and sippy cups are filled. Having this done ahead of time is a huge help for us to grab everything we need to make a quick exit.

To help when he is flying solo with the kids, this Father’s Day I have equipped Cameron with the ultimate diaper duty gift! When he is out with the kids, he now has his own diaper kit. Cameron loves the ease of the backpack style diaper bag. As a part of his kit I stocked the bag with Pampers Cruisers 360 FIT diapers in our son’s size along with Pampers sensitive wipes. The fact that he can now grab his own #LoveTheChange diaper bag and go is the best Father’s Day gift of all!

2.Grocery Shop From Home

Online grocery shopping has made life as a parent so much easier. Like other dad’s now-a-days, Cameron has become besties with Walmart’s online grocery pick up and it’s made our weekly grocery runs (especially for diapers and wipes) a snap. I usually create our order, and Cameron will pick up the next day after work. The best part is that you don’t even have to get out of the car! Now THAT is the kind of shopping that men like to do!

3.Play Time Masters

My husband’s favorite thing to do with the kids is play time. I am the one the kids go to for all the snuggles hugs and kisses (Cameron dishes plenty of those too), but play time is where he shines and where any modern dad can really lend a helping hand. Sometimes moms need a breather so dads can hop in and help burn some of that energy. Cami loves to climb all over her daddy’s back and Hendrix likes to climb on…anything. When play time is interrupted with the need for a diaper change for Hendrix, Cameron is seriously the fastest changer so that he can get back to high-speed car chases and singing karaoke. Changes are done quickly with Pampers Cruisers 360 FIT and we know that no matter the movements, Hendrix will be comfortable and leak free. Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit are the best fitting diaper for active babies!

4.Sets The Example

I think the number one way that dads are making a difference is by showing love to their children’s mom. Dads do more than they know by simply showing love. They teach them how to love and treat others. Our kids get to see their dad helping around the house by cleaning dishes and cooking meals. They can see that he is helping mommy with things around the house and taking turns with things like getting the kids bathed during the night routine. Our kids not only receive love and affection from Cameron, but they also see him show it to their mother.

Although no parent is perfect, I appreciate the time and effort that Cameron takes to be an awesome dad. He makes our family and parenting his #1 duty and it shows! This Father’s Day, create your own #LoveTheChange kit for the man in your life with Pampers at Walmart. All the essentials they need to care for the little ones are available at Walmart.com.

Thank you to Pampers Cruisers 360 FIT at Walmart for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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