Cool For The Summer with Rockets Of Awesome

The subscription box thing is a huge these days! Although I don’t have a regular subscription of my own, I find myself really wanting one…or a few. The reason I don’t is because I am afraid that I will want one for EVERYTHING once I start! Recently I have been feeling the effects of always having to get new clothes for a growing child. That’s when I discovered Rockets Of Awesome.


Kickin’ It with Cami and EasyKicks Kid’s Shoe Club

I love sharing when I hear about cool ideas or new things. Seriously. Whether it’s a new show you have to know about (This Is Us, The Crown) or the fact that you can now order groceries online and schedule to pick them up without even having to get out of the car ( I want to tell EVERYONE…you’re welcome! That being said, I am super excited to share about the gem of a site I found out about for kid’s shoes!