Roundup: Fall Faves

Cam and I were just today working on setting up a taco Tuesday picnic for our family. It was so miserably hot we had to call it quits mid-set up on our backyard picnic table. All of that got me thinking about the fact that my favorite season is just a few more hot and humid weekends away. I haven’t pulled the fall decor from my attic just yet, but the second I feel even the slightest breeze, my collection of decorative pumpkins is coming out! As we begin to transition from summer blaze, to fall breeze I wanted to round up some of my favorite fall finds. I hope this list makes you feel all cozy inside!

If you are like me in anticipation for the first sight of a leaf changing colors, hold on sis! We only have a few summer weekends left! You have my permission to go ahead and get that PSL, put on the booties, and light that pumpkin scented candle!


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