Palm Prints And Royal Wedding Thoughts

Last night I mentioned in passing about how excited I was about watching the royal wedding this weekend to my husband.  And you know, Cameron had the nerve to be unimpressed by the whole thing and not understand why it’s such a big deal, can you believe that!  Let me tell you something.  Besides being absolutely in love with all things London and British culture, there are a lot of take-aways to be pulled from this royal marriage.  I do have to say that this is all coming off the heels of me finally finishing season two of The Crown on Netflix so I am that much more excited about the pomp and circumstance of this wedding than normal, haha! BTW if you haven’t watched The Crown on Netflix, what the heck are you waiting for?!  When asked by Cameron what the big deal was about the marriage of Harry and Meghan Markel I had a few answers that I will share concerning the prince and soon-to-be princess while I show pics of the print(s) I am totally obsessed with right now (see what I did there? prince, prints…) the palm print!

Palm Prints And Royal Wedding Thoughts Palm Print Dress

Every Girl Wishes She Was A Princess

First and most obvious is the fact that Meghan gets to live the dream of the inner 6 year old girl in women near and far of being a real live princess.  Here she is an American girl minding her own business and her friend says “hey, you should meet my other friend who happens to be a prince”.  And it all worked out.  What a fairytale! My daughter Camilla is almost 3 and she even calls herself a princess.  She loves all things princess-y and girly.  Often times you will hear her clacking around in her dress up princess heels with her princess Elsa dress on.  It’s ingrained in most of us at a young age that #princesslife is ours for the taking.  Meghan grabbed that tiara for real for real and It gives us that spark of hope that anything is possible.  After sharing reason number one, my husband asked if I wished that he was a prince. I told him that I fell in love with him when he was working on the geek squad at Best Buy…but being a prince couldn’t have hurt as an initial pick-up line!

Palm Prints And Royal Wedding Thoughts Palm Print Dress

The Taming of the Beast

My mom and I talked at length the other day about Meghan Markle and her backstory.  During our discussion she asked me if Harry was the “wild” prince.  That totally reminded me that Harry was wild AF back in the day!  I remember seeing pics of his wild escapades in Vegas and on yachts.  Man.  I never thought he would be tamed, until he met Meghan.  I don’t know how she did it!  Maybe he just grew up or maybe when you find “the one” you just want to do better.  Whatever the case, he is clearly smitten by his bride to be.

Palm Prints And Royal Wedding Thoughts Palm Print Dress

A Bi-Racial Princess

This one hits really close to home for me and it is one of my main joys of watching the Royal wedding.  I love seeing diversity in the royal mix!  Love is color-blind between Harry and Meghan and I know that even in this day in age it’s still something that has to be overcome.  I am so proud to have bi-racial, multi-ethnic children even when some of our relatives told Cameron and I that our future children would have “a hard life” when we were talking about getting engaged.  Cameron and I sometimes recall those moments when the people closest to us were not fully accepting of our mixed race relationship.  A hard life?  Cami and Hendrix have the cushiest life ever and are so loved!  And now I can tell my kids that their mixed heritage will NEVER be a roadblock because we have a princess AND a president of mixed races.   I can’t wait to see Harry and Meghan’s black/white/red headed/curly haired children! Whoop Whoop! How exciting!

Palm Prints And Royal Wedding Thoughts Palm Print Dress

Royal Opulence

OMG.  This is why we watch.  Everything about these weddings is so regal and thought out and pristine. The best part about watching is seeing what everyone is wearing.  It’s so different than an American award show.  It’s tailored to perfection and conservative suits, yet opulent and outrageous fascinators and hats.  The miles long carriage ride we will watch of the future princess riding to Windsor and waving to crowds of onlookers lining the street.  And the receptions.  Can you imagine the spread, can you imagine the guest list which will be a who’s who of international and guests and royals.  And the artists that will be performing at a wedding! I would be willing to bet that Ed Sheeran will be singing at the wedding and that alone is EVERYTHING.

Palm Prints And Royal Wedding Thoughts Palm Print Dress

So yeah,  I’m pretty excited.  I’ll be watching with my fascinator on (I have several to choose from) while sipping some English Breakfast tea at 6AM.  I wish nothing but the best for Harry and Meghan and I am excited for their future, and I don’t even know them…yet!

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