Olympics Themed Party: Award Platter Stands

5 days until the Summer Olympics opening ceremonies and I can’t even believe it’s here already!  I am relieved at the idea that the Olympics might bring a little unity to our country, but more relieved that the Olympics will give the U.S. a little break from all of the mumbo jumbo of the upcoming election #overit!  As you know by now I am in the throws of planning an Olympics opening ceremonies watch party at my house and am giving you ideas on what you can do if you are doing the same.  I love a good DIY and would consider myself to be a “crafty” person, but sometimes after 10 trips to Hobby Lobby, and 2 (or 3) failed attempts at making something I finally get  it right.  Well, I am happy to report that it wasn’t the case with this project! For my dining room table, which will be the main place where my guest will go to get their food, I wanted a cool centerpiece that was a definite nod to the Olympics without being too cheesy.  I came up with the idea of having graduated stands to hold my platters that would look like the awards stand at the Olympics.  And, after only one trip to Lowe’s, and one trip to a friend’s house to borrow his nail gun (which he was totally skeptical about me using power tools), I was able to make these super easy Award Platter Stands that I am pretty excited to have at the party.


  • Wood of choice (3- 15″x10″ that will be the tops of your stands, 2-10″x10″, 2- 7″x10″, 2- 4″x10″ that will be the sides of your stands)
  • Nail gun & compressor
  • 1 1/4″ Nails
  • Hand sander
  • Metallic spray paint (gold, silver, copper)

Step 1

Sideline Socialite at Lowe's

Go to Lowe’s, find Tyler, and get him to cut your wood for you!  I mean…he’s super cute and can build things, go find him!  Lowe’s cuts for free, so after measuring our dining room table and figuring the above measurements, I just found an 8′ piece of whitewood board, gave cute Tyler my measurements and it was done in a flash!

Sideline Socialite with Tyler at Lowe's

Step 2

Sand down all rough edges and corners

Bertuzzi-Photography-002 (1)

Step 3

Attach that nail gun and plug up that compressor…the fun is about begin!  Make sure you have a pair of safety goggles, just incase something comes flying your way!

Bertuzzi-Photography-003 (1)

Step 4

Align pieces of wood and nail together with nail gun.  I placed the top piece on top of the side pieces and nailed it that way.  I did about 6 nails down each side.


Bertuzzi-Photography-008 (1)

Step 5

Spray paint each.  The tallest spray paint metallic gold, the medium one spray paint metallic silver, and the shortest spray paint metallic copper (bronze).  I LOVE the way the metallic looks so shiny on the wood.  Spray painting was definitely the way to go because it took all of 3 minutes.  I would recommend doing 2 coats.

Bertuzzi-Photography-014 (2)

And that’s that!  For the party I plan to utilize the tops of the Award Platter Stands as well as under them!  I am really pleased at how this simple yet totally on theme project turned out!

Bertuzzi-Photography-016 (2)
Here I have featured some of the international beer I spoke about in this post which is a great way to incorporate the different countries competing in the Olympics!

Bertuzzi-Photography-017 (2)

Side_Socialite Olympics Themed Party



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  1. I love this idea!! This is my kinda DIY...easy breezy. Also, if you need to fancy it up just a bit for another occasion, you can cover them with a fabric of choice. Thanks for sharing!

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