Bringing Floral Brights to the Concrete Jungle

I recently had to go on a business trip to New York.  Though a lot of time was spent in meetings that made my brain hurt, I did get a little time to flit around town with my husband Cameron who is a professional photographer (pretty damn convenient for a blogger to have a photographer husband #winningatmarriage).  Before arriving to NYC I spoke to one of the members of the team we were meeting with to inquire about the weather. They let me know that it was pretty hot and humid in the city (which to a Houston girl means that it’s probably the perfect summer weather, haha!) The week before packing for NYC I took it upon myself to go to H&M to find something that was light and breezy yet professional.  I briefly lived in Brooklyn after graduation so I know what it’s like to want to look and be like a real New Yorker.  A lot of the locals, though fashionable, like to keep the colors to neutrals, black, and grey.  I’m not about that life!  With my H&M dress in tow  I hit the town, and my meeting with this gold and royal “floral brights” frock and I didn’t look back.


Bertuzzi-Photography-009 (1)

Bertuzzi-Photography-017 (1)

Bertuzzi-Photography-015 (1)

For some reason I am really LOVING mustard color this season.  I don’t know what it is, but 2 of the 3 outfits I brought along with me incorporated it  and I can’t get enough! Not to mention, I sort of matched one of my favorite city icons, the yellow cab, haha!


Bertuzzi-Photography-016 (1)

Bertuzzi-Photography-019 (1)

Paired with a very comfortable low wedge from Francesca’s it was as if I could glide around the city and still be comfortable.  In a City like New York wearing comfortable shoes is a MUST.  I am happy to report that there were no sore feet, or blisters at the end of my day #winning!

Bertuzzi-Photography-001-2 (1)

My most favorite thing about this dress is that it has pockets!  I was able to gain quick access to my metro card without having to dig through a purse which was super convenient.

Bertuzzi-Photography-022 (1)



I accessorized with my favorite pair of Kendra Scott earrings to finish off this look.  They were perfect because they not only went with my dress, but they also are my daughter’s birthstone which made me feel a little bit more connected to her since I was miles away.  Boy did I miss my sweet pea!  I also packed light for the day which is a must when getting around New York City.  My Tory Burch cross-body was a girl’s best friend to keep my essentials and not feel weighted down.

The trip as a whole was a success.  I was able to go to meetings, look super cute and on trend, and be comfortable at the same time which is a mission accomplished!



  1. You and Cam are quite the couple! I absolutely love his work and of course, you look stunning in your outfit! The colors were perfect for you!
  2. LOVE this post! I haven't been to H&M in a while, but I might just have to make a trip :) Definitely jealous that your hubby is a photographer. Mine always says my pics look good and half the time I'm blinking :/ *Sigh. You also had me laughing about the "humid" NYC weather. I live in Houston too, but am from CT. Last year when I was visiting everyone was complaining about how humid it was and all I could say was that they don't even know what humidity IS! Whole different level here. Glad you had a great trip :)
  3. You look gorgeous! How awesome is it that your husband is a professional photographer? I've been trying to train my husband for years! haha. The pictures are stunning and your dress is perfect and summery. Such a fun trip!

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