Olympics Inspired Drinks: Cheers All Around

I am getting my list together on food and drink items I need for my Olympics watch party next week so I decided to do this quick little post. Let’s chat a little about beverages beyond cocktails that you can include at your watch party.  It doesn’t take bartender status to host a good party with on-theme drinks.  Check out these extremely low maintenance ideas for Olympics Inspired Drinks that will guarantee cheers for the host and cheers for your country as you watch the Summer Olympics.

Beer From Around The World


I had a lot of fun hunting for beer from around the world!  It’s the perfect idea to incorporate the different countries competing in the Olympics and it’s a fun little tasting opportunity for beer enthusiast party-goers to sample.  I am not really a beer person, but I know my husband Cameron will enjoy trying a few of these out! I would suggest not limiting your scope to regular grocery stores.  I was able to find several international beers from Sprouts and World Market.

Red, White, And Blue Ice Cubes


Even the water drinkers can have festive Olympics themed drinks with these red, white, and blue ice cubes.  These are super easy to make!  I used two different shaped silicone ice trays, large square and sphere molds to make sure my berries were seen.  1. Fill your tray with red and blue berries.  I used raspberries and blue berries making sure to use fresh or non frozen berries. The first time I tried this I got frozen berries which was a bust!  The juices in the bag turned the water a purple color which was not cute! 2. After filling the tray with the berries, fill with water and place in the freezer.  The outcome is beautiful and refreshing with both sparkling and still water. Go team USA!



Gatorade is an Olympics staple.  The athletes drink it and endorse it so why not have it chillin’ in an ice bucket at your party?!  I chose a package that had all red, white, and blue flavors.  I also thought this would be a great option if you are expecting kids at your party.

Olympics Drinks Cheers All Around


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