Kids Room Christmas Refresh

With 8 weeks to go until Christmas, it got me thinking about how I want to decorate this year. The common rooms are always decorated but this year I want to expand to the kid’s rooms with decorating. Check out Cami and Hendrix’s Christmas room refresh!


How To Make 1 Wreath for Every Season and Holiday

I thought it would be an awesome idea to have 1 wreath and just change that one for every holiday, and so, my 1 Wreath for Every Season and Holiday was born! By creating velcro panels you can just attach and detach the panel however, whenever you want! This weekend I had my patriotic panel up in remembrance of September 11th. This morning I slapped the Texans panel on because football season has begun. When I feel that first gust of fall breeze, down goes the Texans and up goes my “harvest” panel!


Olympics Themed Party: Award Platter Stands

For my dining room table I wanted a cool centerpiece that was a definite nod to the Olympics without being too cheesy. I came up with the idea of having graduated stands to hold my platters that would look like the awards stand at the Olympics. Check out my DIY super easy Award Platter Stands that I am pretty excited to have at my Olympics Themed party for the opening ceremonies.