Uniforms on Fleek: Best Football Uniforms 2015

It’s no surprise that in surveys women typically vote for the team that has on the more appealing or striking uniform. I’ll be honest, in my NFL Fantasy League, I chose Aaron Rodgers, not only because he’s McDreamy but because I also find the Packers throwback uniforms to be “fetch.” Why not? Seems pretty logical to me (plus my Fantasy team is doing pretty well)! Fashion says a lot about a person and how they feel about themselves. Bold fashion statements typically mean the fashionista is bold, confident and in it to win it. Whereas, plain Jane, blends into the crowd with her boring colorless look. Uniforms say the same thing! So for this week, here is Sideline Socialite’s own version of a fashion show, Uniforms on Fleek: Best Football Uniforms 2015!

1. Texas Christian University

Photo Source: GAMEDAYR

Why we love it: Print is ALWAYS in! These uniforms are laid out in a “scaly” print (so amphibian of them). When paired with the purple helmet, there is no way you can’t resist the purple spell.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Photo Source: Nike.com


Why we love it: Seattle has cool uniforms for all the major sports teams. We love the this uniform because let’s face it, most NFL uniforms are boring (see Cleveland Browns or just google poop emoji). This uniform pairs bold colors with dark tones to form something truly unique.

3. Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks
Photo Source: GoDucks.com


Why we love it: Thanks to Nike, the Oregon Ducks always look on fleek! Must be nice to have over 300 different uniform combinations (unless you believe in lucky uniforms). I love this uniform for the bottom half. The shoe/sock combo is truly amazing.

4. Syracuse

Syracuse Football Uniform

Why we love it: This clearly states I’m a “Classic Man.” This is crisp, clean and classy. Good work Syracuse, good work.

5. University of Miami

U. Miami Football Uniform


Why we love it: I love Miami’s uniforms, and Miami in general. They make obnoxious colors work together for good. #workit

6. Louisville

Louisville Football Uniform

Why we love it: This uniform screams attention to detail. Check out Louisville’s other uniforms as well. Their uniforms are the tuxedos of college football. #lookingsharp

7. Miami Dolphins “Throwback”

Miami Dolphins Throwback

Why we love it: Solute to vintage uniforms! This is the NFL version of #tbt.

8. Army

Army Football Uniform

Why we love it: Look carefully, if you don’t think this is quite possibly the coolest uniform in the bunch please call your local optometrist for an eye examination.

Honorable Mention

9. Michigan State



Why we love it: Sleek, stylish and bold where it needs to be.





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