Girlfriends Guide To Being Ready For Football Season

I can’t believe it’s football season again!  Like, where did the time even go?! My husband, Cameron has begun the dance that he does every time this year which I lovingly call the “MLB/NFL shuffle”.  He is constantly with the remote switching back and forth from the Astros game to the Texans pre-season game.  This my friends is my signal that Thursdays-Sundays will now be consumed with FOOTBALL!  In 7.5 years of marriage I have learned to get less annoyed by this time of the year and embrace it my own way.  So I decided to share the love for those of you whose significant other will have pigskin on the brain for the next 7 months with this little guide to embracing the season and making it your own.


Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Kicker

It’s the final day of Pick my Fantasy Football team, and what a week it’s been! I have been thrilled looking at the results from the week and even more thrilled to see how my season shakes out. I’ll end this week with you picking my fantasy football team’s kicker.


Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Running Back

The second to last day of picking my fantasy football players has arrived, which means I am a few days out from hosting my fantasy football draft part on Saturday. For today’s position, I need you to vote on the hottest Running Back of the lineup. Now, I must say, as far as running backs go in the NFL, pickin’s are slim in the hottie department. I will tell you that a nice smile can go a long way with me in upping a persons hottie level!


Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Tight End

Half way through the week and you guys have been great at picking my players for my fantasy football team! Today the voting continues with picking the hottest NFL tight end for my fantasy football team. If you have not chosen a quarterback or wide receiver from the previous days, it’s not too late to get your votes in! Saturday is the day that that I will choose my team.