Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Running Back

The second to last day of picking my fantasy football players has arrived, which means I am a few days out from hosting my fantasy football draft part on Saturday.  I think I am more excited about having a party than I am about the actual draft! I have a feeling, the guys especially, will get really into it.  One of the girls in my league was explaing her method of putting all the stats on a spreadsheet…um…that’s intense! I’m sticking to my method, thank you very much!  For today’s position, I need you to vote on the hottest Running Back of the lineup.  Now, I must say, as far as running backs go in the NFL, pickin’s are slim in the hottie department.  I had to do an extensive google images search to find decent pics but here are the 5 I came up with.  I will tell you that a nice smile can go a long way with me in upping a persons hottie level!

Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Running Back Pick My Players Sideline Socialite

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