Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Tight End

Halfway through the week and you guys have been great at picking my players for my fantasy football team!  For fantasy football each person in your league has to make up a name for their team.  As I mentioned before there are 10 of my friends in my league including me.  The name that I came up with for my fantasy football team is the “B Hive Ballers”.

Today the voting continues with picking the hottest NFL tight end for my fantasy football team.  If you have not chosen a quarterback or wide receiver from the previous days, it’s not too late to get your votes in!  Saturday is the day that that I will choose my team.

Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Tight End NFL Fantasy Football Sideline Socialite

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    1. Love him! He seems like a big play boy but, he's definitely a hottie! Hopefully he won't be injured this season!

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