Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Wide Receiver

I’m back today and continuing to have you guys pick my fantasy football players for my team.  Like I mentioned before, I have been talking a lot of noise to the 9 other people in my league who have sworn up and down that I will loose with my method of selection.  I have faith in us!  You guys did a great job yesterday selecting some really great choices for my fantasy football quarterback! If you have not yet gotten your vote in for yesterday’s Fantasy Football Quarterback pick, it’s not too late.  Just go to yesterday’s post and vote!

So today I need you to choose which Wide Receiver of the lineup below is hottest.  Whomever you guys choose is who I will pick come Saturday when we have our fantasy football draft party.  If I am unable to get my number one pick, then I will just go down the list of who you guys chose second, third, and so on.  Ya’ll have great taste! Beating some of the guys in my fantasy football league will be so satisfying!
Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Wide Receiver NFL Fantasy Football Sideline Socialite

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