Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Quarterback

I need your help!  I joined a Fantasy Football league for the first time and I have no clue what I am doing, obvi!  What I do know is that in Fantasy Football you have to pick a certain amount of players to complete your team.  Most people choose based on stats, but ain’t nobody got time to look at stats!  9 of my friends (2 girls, 7 guys) are playing against my team and most of them, if not all are looking at stats to pick their teams.  I don’t know anything about stats so I am resorting to choose my team based on what I DO know, and that’s good looks!  I want you, my readers and followers to choose my players for me based on their looks.  I am purposely not putting names or teams with my pics, because, who cares! YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SPORTS TO VOTE! My method may be unorthodox, but hey, I trust you guys to help me pick an awesome, super hot Fantasy Football team that is going to kick all my friend’s teams butts!  I cannot confirm or deny whether there is money riding on this, but make sure you guys choose wisely!

The people in my league are getting together this Saturday for the Fantasy Football draft.  This is where we will confirm our team players.  Each day this week I will post a different lineup for each of the positions I have to fill.  Today, help me choose a quarterback from this lineup of hotties, by voting below.

Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Quarterback Pick My Players | Sideline Socialite

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  1. I am in a FF all-girls league and we have so much fun! Most of us have no clue what we are doing (and this is year 5!) but it's a blast! Loving your method for drafting! Ha
    1. Thanks! I hope that it pays (literally) off! I have been talking a lot of noise to the people in my league! Have you ever won?
    1. I'm excited to see how it all shapes up at our draft party on Saturday! We'll see if I have A. Rodgers on my team!

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