Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Kicker

It’s the final day of Pick my Fantasy Football team, and what a week it’s been!   I have been thrilled looking at the results from the week and even more thrilled to see how my season shakes out.  I was all geared up for the draft party tomorrow, however Houston is currently in a state of “hunkering down” for hurricane  Harvey and I had to cancel the get together with plans to reschedule for next weekend.

I’ll end this week with you picking my fantasy football team’s kicker. Again, I have a little more of a difficult time picking hot kickers, apparently they are far a few between in the NFL.  The lineup below looks like nice boys next-door, so I went with it.  Look at the line up and vote below.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to vote for the other positions from earlier this week, it’s not too late!

Fantasy Football: Pick The Hottest Kicker Pick My Players Sideline Socialite




  1. I'm disappointed Lechler isn't a pick. He's handsome! Maybe a little older than these guys but still a looker!

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