Players On Lock: NFL Players Embracing Dreadlocks

Players On Lock: NFL Players Embracing Dreadlocks

Riddle me this… of all the hair styles that could ever be worn by NFL players, why on earth would someone choose dreadlocks?!  Training camp for NFL players begins in heat of summer so why would a 280 man want to sweat with added hair on his head.  Not to mention, how does one get their deadlocks in the helmet?  Do they have to contact the NFL costuming department and let them know they need one size larger so their dreadlocks can fit in?  I just can’t help but be sincerely grossed out at the thought of all that hair stuffed in that sweaty helmet.  I don’t know how one would keep dreadlocks fresh smelling and looking after all that.  But I guess dreadlocks are sort of the antithesis of fresh-looking.  Maybe that’s the point.

Hygiene aside, here are my picks for the best dreadlocks in the NFL

1. Jamaal Charles- Kansas City Chiefs

It’s almost angelic how these dreadlocks take flight.

2. Jadaveon Clowney- Houston Texans

  3. Richard Sherman- Seattle Seahawks

Ummm…Does Richard Sherman not look exactly like Busta’ Rhymes circa 1998?!  I mean the resemblance is uncanny!

4. Larry Fitzgerald- Arizona Cardinals

Not gonna’ lie, baby boy makes the dreadlocks look good.

5. DeAndre Hopkins- Houston Texans

6. Marshawn Lynch– Seattle Seahawks

If we were giving points, Marshawn Lynch would get double points because he somehow managed to pull off wavy dreadlocks.  If you want to know more about Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and his crazy antics, click here.

7. Dont’a Hightower- New England Patriots

8. Sammy Watkins- Buffalo Bills

These dreadlocks right here are some sort of hybrid.  Business in front party in back.  Keeping us on our toes.

9. Todd Gurley- St. Louis Rams

10. Janoris Jenkins- St. Louis Rams

so here’s another pic that I can handle.









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