Football Wives of the NFL

Celebrities marrying or dating celebrities.  I don’t know why we are so obsessed with that concept, but for some reason it’s like two stars colliding and forming a baby unicorn and we just can’t get enough of the rollercoaster ride that happens when two celebs decide to hook up.  Most of them end up like train wrecks succumbing to the pressure of being in the public eye, but some of them actually work out.  These sentiments are what led me to today’s post to take a closer look at the Football wives  (and some girlfriends) of the NFL that we really hope will work out for the long haul.

1. Tom + Gisele

These two are royalty.  In my imaginary world they would be the Prom King and Queen of the whole United States.  Of all the football wives Gisele is “It”. And yes…she wakes up like that.  Everyday, she wakes up like “that”.
Tom Brady- QB, New England Patriots
Gisele Bundchen- Super Model (Victoria’s Secret)
Football Wives Club Status- Married for 6 years, two children together
Why We Are Obsessed- I mean…look at them…

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Photo Source:

2. Aaron + Olivia

Aaron Rodgers- QB, Greenbay Packers
Olivia Munn- Actress
Football Wives Club Status- Not married yet but together for 2 years and going strong
Why We Are Obsessed- As I always say “the couple who makes lip sync videos together, stays together” check it and tell me this is not true love for all time.

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Photo Source:

3. Orlando + Draya

Orlando Scandrick- Cornerback, Dallas Cowboys
Draya Michele- Reality TV “Star”(Basketball Wives LA)
Football Wives Club Status- After months of on-again, off-again, love, hate, restraining order, reconciliation they have pushed the “restart” button on their engagement
Why We Are Obsessed- The train wreck roller coaster that is this relationship, that’s why!  Face it, we love the drama, and they know how to give it to us.

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Photo Source:

4. Jay + Kristin

Jay Cutler- QB, Chicago Bears
Kristin Cavallari- Reality TV “Star” (Laguna Beach) & Fashion Designer
Football Wives Club Status- After and on, then off, then back on again engagement in 2011 they have been married two years and have two sons together
Why We Are Obsessed-  If you followed Kristin’s stint on Laguna Beach, you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy that she finally found someone and got away from that D-bag Steven!  Kris and Jay are expecting their third child, a girl, this November.

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Photo Source:

5. Eric + Jessie

Eric Decker- Wide Receiver, NY Jets
Jessie James Decker- Country Singer
Football Wives Club Status- Married 2 years, two children together
Why We Are Obsessed- I love a good couple-based reality TV show and these two cuties fit the bill.  Their show Eric & Jessie: Game on can be seen on E! But mainly I just like looking at Eric, I mean…have you seen him? hubba freakin’ hubba. That’s one face that doesn’t need to be covered up with a football helmet.

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Photo Source:

6. AJ + Miranda

AJ Green- Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals
Miranda Brooke- R&B Singer
Football Wives Club Status- The couple married in March of this year
Why We Are Obsessed- This couple keeps a low-profile, but their nuptials were definitely high profile.  With John Legend himself singing, choreographed dances, and a hotdog stand, this wedding is definitely a wedding the guests will never forget!  I am also obsessed with her 1920’s-esque dress, hair, and accessories.

Photo Source: Instagram Miranda Brooke
Photo Source: Instagram Miranda Brooke


Nnamdi Asomugha- RETIRED Cornerback, San Francisco 49ers
Kerry Washington- aka Olivia Pope from Scandal
Football Wives Club Status- Married 2 years, one daughter together
Why We Are Obsessed- Kerry-girl is 5 years Nnamdi’s senior and the fact that she could get past her last name being Asomugha is impressive to say the least.  She’s Olivia Pope for god sakes that’s why we’re obsessed!

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