Stop Caring About Khloe & Lamar

It has come to Sideline Socialite’s attention, that there are people in this world who do not know who Lamar Odom is but seem to care a lot about Lamar and Khloe’s business. Before you Khloe trolls start bashing and coming to her defense, fall back, this is not about Khloe and Lamar’s relationship. C’mon, she one of the only Kardashians I don’t mind (the other being Kendall).

Lamar Odom embodies the “started from the bottom now I’m here” story. Unlike Drake, who never really started from the “actual” bottom, Lamar did. That’s why everyone should stop caring about Lamar & Khloe (and the James Harden love triangle) and start caring about Lamar, his well being, his health and his children. So for this week we are going to take a look into Lamar Odom’s life and why we need him so desperately to rise above and make it.

Early Life

Lamar Odom College
Photo Source: Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom grew up in South Jamaica, Queens, New York (again started from the bottom). His dad, Joe, struggled with drug addiction throughout his childhood and at the age of 12, Lamar’s mother died from cancer. In high school, Lamar showed tremendous talent in basketball and began to play alongside a number of future NBA stars on national teams.

Odom’s college career, or the lack thereof,  began to showcase the future struggles of the talented basketball star. During his short time at UNLV he received a citation for soliciting prostitution.

NBA Career

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Lamar never finished college and was drafted by the LA Clippers in ’99. During his rookie season, Lamar began to make a name for himself. In 2001, Lamar was suspended for violating the NBA’s drug policy. After a short time in Miami, Lamar made his way back to LA; this time with the Lakers. Lamar truly gave the Lakers his heart. He battled injuries, made decisions that would help the team, and stayed with the team through think and thin (including a few NBA championships).

During this time, Lamar’s cousin was murdered, he was involved in a car accident that killed a teenager and his baby boy died from SIDS.

Lamar was then traded to Dallas. His performance with the Mavs was tragic to put it nicely (note to everyone: don’t piss off Mark Cuban). After moving on from Dallas, Lamar continued to bounce around various NBA teams.


Odom Family
Photo Source: HNGN

Rumors started swirling that Lamar was abusing drugs, and in 2013, Lamar was arrested for DUI. After the collapse of their marriage, Khloe and Lamar separated. In 2015, Lamar’s BFFL, Jamie died from flesh-eating disease from dirty needles. A few months later, the NBA star who loved basketball, his teammates and his kids more than anything was found in a w**** house in Nevada. Nearly lifeless, with drugs and alcohol in his system, Lamar was rushed to a hospital for immediate care. Showing progress, he has since moved to a hospital in LA.

We need Lamar to make it. We don’t need him to just survive only to go back and drop 75k at a brothel. We need him to rise above drugs and alcohol abuse to be there for his children, who are now old enough to understand decisions. We need Lamar to value his life more than he values the buzz from drugs. Kobe said it best, “Just Pray.” Pray for his life, his wellness, his children and his recovery.


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