3 Hacks To Make #momlife Easier

I am so grateful to have a husband that is super hands-on with our kids and our household! Cameron and I have a pretty good system of splitting the workload 50/50. While he engages in tickle fights with Cami and Hendrix, I wash and fold laundry. While I build peg towers with the kids, Cameron washes dishes. That being said, even in a home where both parents take an active role with the kids and the chores, there is just something about mamas that make us the ultimate “command center” for the goings on of the household. As I prepare both kids to get back into the swing of things for the new school year, I am relying on a few hacks I have learned that make #momlife so much easier.


An Open Letter To My Bi-Racial Children

Day after day pretty much the same routine with rarely a thought about being a black woman married to a white man raising bi-racial children. The other day someone approached my family with a comment and it sparked me to write this open letter to my children that they are too young to understand now, but one day will appreciate from their black mother married to their white father.


Close to Silent Nights with DockATot

As I started getting closer and closer to the delivery of our son, I noticed that our daughter Camilla was having more and more difficulty sleeping. I knew that it wouldn’t fly when the baby arrived and something needed to be done. With the help of DockATot we were able to aid Cami in kicking her sleep regression just in time for the arrival of her baby brother.


How To Rock At Keeping Your Kids Active in Your City

My now 20 month old, (that’s a year and half and some change for those of you who don’t like the month system) is now greeting her father and I when we get home with a “hey! sup?” and I can hardly deal! Now that “Miss Thang” is old enough to ask her mommy “sup?” I feel confident that she is ready now to spread her wings and try new things. iQurious Kids is helping us out by providing a platform for parents to keep their kids active as they grow by providing a comprehensive list of activities for children right in your home town, and here’s how!