4 Self Care Tips When Things Are Not OK

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong went wrong? Where you just wanted to hurry up and get the day over with so that you can sleep and start over again the next day. Life happens. You can’t control it but there are self care steps you can take to help ease the times where life seems extra tough.


Reflections on 2017

Now that 2017 has come to an end I have taken some time to reflect on the year. A sort of report card or progress report on how I did as a mom, wife, friend, human being. Of course we all have things we can improve on and all of us start off really hopeful on New Years day, but then life happens and you lose sight of the change you wanted to make. In 2017 I went through some major life changes, had some great experiences and some not so great experiences, and I am taking time here to share what I have learned and sprinkling in some cute photos of the family that we recently took at the Christmas Tree Farm.


New Smiles for the New Year + Teeth Whitening Giveaway

One of the most frequent compliments that people give me since I started blogging and posting pictures of myself on social media is about my smile. While I may be confident in the effect that braces and staying away from coffee has had, Cameron…not so much. In an act of solidarity we decided to do teeth whitening together with the goal to have a brighter smile by Christmas.


New Year’s Eve Recipe: Champagne Cupcakes

Just when you think that champagne can’t get any better, I am flipping the script and bringing you champagne cupcakes (mind blown…I know…) This recipe is sweet, decadent, and champagne is the the star. These are sure to be a hit as you celebrate the night away.