Reflections on 2017

Now that 2017 has come to an end I have taken some time to reflect on the year.  A sort of report card or progress report on how I did as a mom, wife, friend, human being.  Of course we all have things we can improve on and all of us start off really hopeful on New Years day, but then life happens and you lose sight of the change you wanted to make. In 2017 I went through some major life changes, had some great experiences and some not so great experiences, and I am taking time here to share what I have learned and sprinkling in some cute photos of the family that we recently took at the Christmas Tree Farm.

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

1.The Super Bowl Experience

In February 2017 the Super Bowl was held in Houston.  I applied a year in advance to work the event and documented the journey.  Although I didn’t meet any of the celebs I had hoped to meet nor did I even see a glimpse of astroturf in Reliant Stadium, I had one major take away from my experience.  The best part about the whole thing was joining together with so many others from my city to be a part of something bigger.  None of us were getting paid, yet we took our posts seriously because it was for the greater good of the event.  I felt proud to be a Houstonian and I felt proud of how we all worked together to put on a really great show for all the world to see.

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

2. It’s a Boy

During my time working the Super Bowl I found out that I was pregnant with my second child.  Cameron and I felt it was time to try for another child and I got pregnant pretty quickly which was unexpected.  I thought for sure that I was having another girl and was excited about Cami having a sister, so was Cameron.  When we found out we were having a boy, I found myself being disappointed.  Many people throughout my pregnancy commented that now I will have the perfect family, one boy, one girl.  I don’t know where people get the idea that one of each is everyone’s perfect!  To be honest the thought of having a boy never crossed my mind because my family is mostly all girls when it comes to cousins and siblings.  I was blindsided and insecure when it came to thinking about how good of a mom I would be to a boy. This was truly uncharted territory for me and serious fear of the unknown.

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

3. Tuscany

In March 2017 Cameron and I went on a trip to Italy for Cameron’s 30th birthday.  I was a little over 3 months into my pregnancy which had been making me really tired, and nauseous but Cameron was only turning 30 once! For the trip we remained fairly unplugged for a lot of the time.  This time together was not about blogging or getting the perfect pictures, it was about spending time together doing our favorite thing as a couple, traveling.  On the trip we both fell in love with Florence.  We rode vespas through the tuscan country side, we took a cooking class and made pasta from scratch, we saw ancient ruins, and we ate our fill of gelato. Nothing solidifies a relationship more than discovering things together!

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

4. Pregnancy

Hey, I can admit that I hate being pregnant.  I used to feel guilty that I hated it because there are tons of women who would die for the chance to be pregnant and/or carry a child full term.  I am definitely not trying to be insensitive to that.  I feel like either you love being pregnant or you hate it.  There isn’t an in between. My last trimester was in the heat of the Texas summer so you can only imagine what it’s like feeling swollen and 35 pounds heavier in 108 degree hot a humid weather. Through my pregnancy I learned the importance of being able to lean on your partner and not being afraid to say “I need help”.  Cameron was the real MVP during my pregnancy.  He wrangled our toddler when I was too tired and he let me take naps when I couldn’t keep my eyes open. When you have a toddler, things like naps are a hot commodity!

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

5. Friendship

Just when you think that in your 30’s your friendship roster should be set for life!  In 2017 I have met some amazing people that quickly grew into close friendships!  I usually keep my circle tight but this year I allowed myself to open up more and share my life with some awesome women! Moms at my kids’ school, ladies from my church that I formed a bible study with, reuniting with a college friend that I had lost touch with, and even a friend that I became super close with via Instagram.  I have learned, laughed, and cried with new friends that I have only gotten to know this year and I am so blessed to have them in my life now.

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

6. Harvey

Hurricane Harvey touched my family personally causing my parents to lose their home and wash away a lot of family heirlooms, and childhood memories. My parents are still in the rebuilding process and have been living with me since August.  Although the destruction was devastating, the time spent living with my parents has been amazing.  Just when I thought we were helping them out by loaning them our guest room, I realized that THEY are the ones being a blessing to us. Them helping us out as we adjust to having two kids has been amazing. Even the little things like getting my daughter dressed for school, holding the baby so that I can go to the bathroom, and picking the kids up from school have been a huge help to Cameron and I! The fact that my kids get to spend quality time with their grandparents is the most precious gift we could have been given. Hurricane Harvey was awful, but I thank God that he spared our home so that we could open it up to my parents.

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

7. #boymom

The boy came and I immediately fell in love. That’s pretty much it.  Hendrix is almost 3 months now and if you see me you will most likely see him too strapped to my chest in the Líllé Baby (a side lesson I learned after the first child: I am not carrying around car seats any more!  It’s too heavy.  Baby carriers are the way to go!  My Líllé Baby is the best carrier I have ever owned because it has great back support and even a spot for my cell phone!) I can’t get enough of him. He is a sweet simple little guy.  If Hendrix has eaten, is warm, and is clean, he is happy as can be. His delivery was amazing.  3 pushes and he was here.  It lasted all of 2 minutes!

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018

Resolutions/Looking Forward

With all that I had going on in 2017, my blog took a bit of a hit (mostly due to exhaustion).  I am looking forward to hitting the ground running in the New Year with Sideline Socialite.  I have some pretty sweet partnerships lined up but I am most excited about being creative again.  Now that I have adjusted to my new normal with 2 kids, I can think clearly and create.  Creating content is such a passion of mine and I look forward to doing my best work yet in 2018.  I am also looking forward to taking a girl’s trip or two.  I can’t tell you the importance of being able to be yourself around a good group of girlfriends that just get you!  Thank you for following along with me on my blog this year!  I wish you nothing but love, peace, and joy for the coming year.

Reflections On 2017 New Year Resolution 2018




  1. Hey Cuz enjoyed reading your blog, you are a beautiful and amazing young lady. Looking forward to traveling to Florence in a few month (son base for the next 3 years). Continue to strive for excellent. Nice ending. God Bless you! Keep up the good work.......
    1. Thanks for checking it out! You are going to love Florence. The views are breathtaking. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
    1. It was so good seeing you the other day too! Cami loves her book! I stuffed it in her stocking and we read it together on Christmas night. It's beautiful!

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