Jump On It! Bandwagon Edition

Now is the perfect time to “jump on the bandwagon.” So you matched with someone on eHarmony, chatted with a new prospect on OkCupid, or liked someone on Tinder who is an avid sport lover? Sideline Socialite has your back! Here is our list of the best teams to hop on the bandwagon for before it’s actually bandwagon-ish.


Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton
Photo Source: USA Today

Why it won’t look fishy: Nobody, I mean not a single person outside of North Carolina thought that the Carolina Panthers would be undefeated. In addition to their record, it’s pretty hard not to fan-out about Cam Newton. Yes, he goes hard in the end zone dance game, but no adversity has been able to take that [gorgeous] smile off of his face. He’s positive about everything and his attitude and gratitude is taking him pretty far. If you have not already seen it, his greek yogurt commercial even has the toughest of yogurt critics aka myself rethinking greek yogurt. God has definitely blessed the Carolina Panthers.


Golden State Warriors

Riley Curry
Photo Source: E Online!

Why it won’t look fishy: It’s hard not to love the Warriors. Curry is THE example of a selfless and hard working player who above all else is a father 1st. The Warriors are gaining fans everywhere. Even in Dallas, my tickets for the Mavs Warriors game would make us a pretty penny if we put our seats up for $ale. If you haven’t checked out Ayesha Curry’s blog or instagram, please do! You will see the Curry family in a whole new light and low key wish they would adopt you or at the very least hire you as Riley and Ryan’s Nanny.


Dallas Stars

Photo Source: NHL

Why it won’t look fishy: Guy’s LOVE hockey. But Hockey is hard to fake or jump on the bandwagon for. However, in Dallas, I feel like every fan (no matter what the team) has little bit of bandwagon in them. Hockey is a very traditional sport with the respect always going to the “original” teams Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Detroit, New York and Toronto. Since Dallas is not part of the original teams and is known for not being a hockey town this is the team for you. The Stars are leading the Central Division and will most likely make it/do very well in playoffs. A plus for you ladies, the Stars have some major studs skating around. You’ll certainly learn their names very quickly. Side note for bandwagoning: ticket prices are soaring for the games. Dallas may not be a “hockey” town but the ACC is selling out when they play at home.

NCAA Basketball


NCAA Basketball - Maryland
Photo Source: DC Pros Sports Report

Why it won’t look fishy: It’s still early in the season for college basketball but Maryland is showing a lot of promise.

NCAA Football


Photo Source: iSports Web

Why it won’t look fishy: Clemson started off Week 1 of football ranking at #12. Now, they are leading the rankings at #1, talk about started from the bottom now we’re here!


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