NBA Personalities

Image is everything, especially when you are in the public eye all the time like the NBA players I will mention today. There are a few that stand out for obvious reasons that are true NBA personalities.  Some have created such characters and characteristics that they are stuck in a persona that they can never get rid of.  Let’s take a look at what happens when PR people get with marketing people and give NBA personalities images that they will never ever be able to shake.

1. The Beard- James Harden of the Houston Rockets

James can never shave his beard.  Point blank period. With the Toyota Center (where the Rockets play) passing out fake beards for fans to wear every game, and T-shirts with no face and just the outline of a beard, this marketing campaign is locked down for life.  I wonder if James ever wakes up and just wants to shave it all off.  Like, does he ever get sick of getting beard hair in his mouth or in his food? I mean, I’m down for a good beard, but can James at least have it looking manicured.  I feel like it looks like things could be living or hidden in it… critters, pop tart crumbs, Khloe Kardashian’s earring back…and such.  Man-scape that trash James, you’re too rich not to!

BONUS! Throw back, sans beard

2. The Brows- Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans

Ok.  Here’s one I just don’t get.  WHY ON EARTH  would you want a unibrow to be your “thing”.  I’ll never understand Anthony!  I just can’t…won’t… Furthermore, what genius was like “yes, the brows, let’s go with it!”  It’s just too easy to correct. One swift swipe of a razor, one dab of wax every 6 weeks and it’s gone.  Hey Anthony, I know a girl that can hook you up with that wax, call me.

3. The Hair- Robin Lopez of the New York Knicks

Frequently compared to…

Nuff said.

4. The Bird Man- Chris Andersen of the Miami Heat

Tatts for daaaaaaaayz.  Stuck for life…for real.

THE O.G. of NBA Personalities-

Dennis “I married myself” Rodman

What is there really to say about this diva?!  He started having a persona before personas were cool.  From funky colored hair every game, to piercings everywhere.  I think he even had a “thing” with Madonna.  But in the end he just decided to marry himself.  I mean, no PR person could think this guy up.








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