Athletes on Santa’s Naughty/Nice List

Athletes on Santa’s Naughty/Nice List

It’s Christmas week and Sideline Socialite is full of holiday cheer! This week we are bringing you a preview of Santa’s naughty or nice list for athletes. To our surprise, it was easy to identify those destined for a lump of coal and much more difficult to identify those who earned a spot on the nice list. The saying “more money more problems” must be true because athletes are plagued with naughty behavior.

Nice List

1. Russell Wilson

Santa’s Rationale: Besides being an all around good guy, in his spare time Russell Wilson frequents various children’s hospitals and non profits sharing the seahawk spirit. Heart of gold.

2. Cam Newton

Santa’s Rationale: Cam is persistent with making sure that the football from every panthers touchdown makes its way into the hands of a child. How sweet is that? The refs give Cam a hard time for it and in many cases have tried to get to the ball before Cam reaches it, but he always gets it back. For this the NFL Referees are on the naughty list. #grinch

3. Stephen Curry

Santa’s Rationale: He does no wrong. Point blank period.

4. Clayton Kershaw

Santa’s Rationale: Years ago the Kershaw family visited Lusaka, Zambia and dedicated their time, life and resources to ensure that children had a safe place to grow and learn. Today they continue to bless children in need through Kershaw’s Challenge.

5. JJ Watt

Santa’s Rationale: JJ is a year round giver. From visiting local hospitals to trick or treating with neighborhood kids JJ is full of kindness. He makes Santa proud.


Naughty List

1. Robert Nkemdiche


Why They Are Coal Worthy: He jumped out of a hotel window when the cops came knocking. Who does that?!? #manup Of course drugs where around the hotel suite. Robert was suspended from the Sugar Bowl and decided to counter back with announcing he’s going into the NFL draft. What a brat.

2. Lamar Odom

Why They Are Coal Worthy: I wont kick a man while he’s down. We ALL know why Lamar is on the list, I mean he’s in the top google searches for the year for his behavior.

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

Why They Are Coal Worthy: His behavior during the Giants Panthers game was extremely excessive. He’s already suspended for one game and according to ESPN will appeal. There are always to sides to every story but for now you get a big ol’ lump of coal OBJ.

4. Justin Blackmon

Why They Are Coal Worthy: Suspended Jacksonville Jaguars player was arrested for the fourth (4th) time involving substance abuse.

5. Johnny Manziel

Why They Are Coal Worthy: He is such a mess! He lies, he has substance abuse problems, his behavior on and off the field is troublesome. He has been on the naughty list for a while. #getyourlife


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