5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring

It’s no secret that spring is not my favorite season, but now that the pollen is calming down and the gorgeous weather is happening more days than not, I kind of like what spring is serving up this year.  The highlight of my spring by far was Easter.  This is the first year that I am truly going all out to make the holidays special for the kids (my daughter in particular) because she understands what’s going on now days. Easter did not disappoint. Her basket was filled with goodies, we created a great egg hunt for her, and my son (6 months) got a basket of things he loves, teething toys! When you are a parent it seems like the holidays end up being all about the kids.  Today I am sharing 5 must do things to try this spring that are just for YOU.

5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring Spring Ideas

Springtime is all about getting active again.  Now that the winter chill has lifted it’s the perfect time to get moving!  My teal snake ballet flats from Revere Shoes are the perfect footwear for me to hop around from activity to activity this spring because they are super comfortable and supportive.  Not only are my feet singing in them, but the print and the color are EVERYTHING and the perfect color for the season!

5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring Spring Ideas

5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring Spring Ideas

1. Grow A Garden

A little known fact about me is that I LOVE gardening.  The love for gardening hit me out of nowhere.  Like, I turned 30 and all the sudden I woke up wanting to plant some stuff, haha!  It’s so gratifying when you plant something and it actually sprouts and thrives, not to mention the enjoyment of harvesting the fruits of your labor.  If you have never had a garden, you have got to try it this spring! Your garden space doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  I currently have an 8 foot box garden in my backyard.  It’s simple, low to the ground, and fenced (so my dogs don’t eat the fruit).  If you don’t have a backyard you can totally grow herbs and veggies inside.


5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring Spring Ideas

2. Go To A Baseball Game

I have to say baseball games are much better to go to when your home team are World Champions!  I am the first to admit that I am not a big fan of baseball but when Houston won the world series I couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon! I actually really enjoy being at a live game. The sights and smells are everything to me when it comes to baseball.  There’s nothing like a ballpark hotdog, popcorn, a cold beer, and watching your home team.  If you haven’t gone, try it out this spring.  If nothing else look really cute in your home team gear in solidarity with the other fans.

5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring Spring Ideas

3. Go Strawberry Picking

This has been on my spring bucket list for a while now and I am so excited to be taking the family out to a local strawberry farm in the next couple of weeks.  Strawberries are my favorite!  I love it on and in cake, the flavor of candy and beverages, and just a bowl full of strawberries by themselves. Perhaps it’s my interest in gardening but I can’t wait to see where strawberries come from and how they are grown.  I grew strawberries in my own garden once and my dog ate them before I got a chance to pick them (hence my fence around my box garden.) Strawberry picking, especially if you have children is a must do this spring and would also be super fun for a unique date.  What a great opportunity to show your children where our food comes from and the process by which fruits (and vegetables) are made.

5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring Spring Ideas

4. Do Some (much needed) Spring Cleaning

I know.  Spring cleaning sounds like a complete drag.  Every spring my neighborhood has a community garage sale and every year I never do it.  This year I have committed to purging things that I don’t need (especially my closet) and decluttering the house.  And hey, maybe I will make a little money for the getaways I am going on this year.  Although it may sound like a pain, getting rid of things you don’t need will feel so good when it’s all said and done.  The spring is the perfect time to do it!  There is something really natural about getting rid of things in spring, the season of new beginnings.

5 Must Do Things to Try This Spring Spring Ideas

5. Go To A Festival

The weather is amazing.  Why not enjoy it with other people who have the same interests as you?  In Houston it feels as though in the spring there are multiple festivals every weekend.  Seriously.  There is one for every nationality, food type, age group, and music type.  You name it, there’s a festival for that, haha!  This spring I have my heart set on the Children’s Festival, Tacos and Tequila Fest, and the Crawfish Festival.  Take some time to do a little research this spring and check out at least one local festival.  Even if you live in a small town, check out what’s going on in a nearby larger city and participate.


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